1. avatar Fighting For Salem
    How do I put a video file in avi format onto a dvd so that the dvd will play the file in a dvd player? So far Ive only been able to put the avi file on a dvd so that it can be read by a computer but when I put them in the dvd player nothing plays.

    Any help?
  2. avatar The Ronster
    If you're using a PC you'll need some software like Nero. On a Mac - Toast. Both of those have options to convert video files to DVD and burn the result.

    To be honest you'll find more useful help on a dedicated site than here.

    [url=http://www.videohelp.com/]This one is the best.[/url]
  3. avatar Daz
    Windows Vista is supplied with Windows DVD Maker. It's not great, but does the job.

    Otherwise, do what Ron says.
  4. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Auy, DVDs are MPEG2 but have some very specific specifications, some DVD players handle things like audio streams slightly differently and you'll need to build a menu just to start it playing...

    [quote:11fad7acc3="The Ronster"]Nero[/quote:11fad7acc3]Nero uses it's own codecs that are designed to work on as many DVD players as possible, and will create the menus etc. automatically. You could spend hours doing the same with freeware programs (or Windows DVD Maker :lol: ) only to find it won't play in your mate's DVD player (or there's no audio, or bad sync)... Get yr hands on Nero
  5. avatar steelydan
    VSO convert X to dvd is good and easy too

    avi's by coincidence will play on a PS3 or XBOX360 perfectly without the need of conversion. And that takes 2 mins to burn the AVI directly onto a disk in its raw form.