1. avatar Amz
  2. avatar tenrabbits
    I'm interested in people's experiences too - I'm thinking of moving to O2 after years and years with orange, as I've got fed up to the point of blind rage trying to find out why my download speeds (on an 8meg connection) never top 450kbps.

    Phoning the tech help (a 25p a min call) always results in spending 10 minutes (at 25p a min, did I mention that?) going through standard questions, which no matter what I do - having a list of the answers prepared; telling the person I've done all this before repeatedly; asking them to look up the history of the prob etc - stops them patronizing me in the most infuriating way. "yes sir, but if I can ask you, have you turned the router off and on please".. GRRRRR!!

    The thing that particularly cracked me up was ALWAYS getting to the same point, where they say (after a LONG call, at 25p a min - did I mention that?!) "ah yes sir, we are doing upgrades in your area and that should be resolved soon".

    They've been telling me that for 2 FUCKING YEARS.

    Anyway.. rant over - how's O2?
  3. avatar tenrabbits
    I should add that I previously liked it, as the support was free (not 25p a min - did I mention that?!? I have a thing about paying to get them to fix a faulty service that they provide..) and I actually believed them that there was a little engineer out there doing upgrades.
  4. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Why would you ever move to O2 from virgin? Surely O2 would require a landline? Virgin is quite simply the only reliable internet out there, what with their cable network and so on and so forth. Phone lines for broadband arent great.
  5. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:c4dfc86dc6="greensleevesisgod"] Virgin is quite simply the only reliable internet out there, what with their cable network and so on and so forth. Phone lines for broadband arent great.[/quote:c4dfc86dc6]That's total nonsense from beginning to end.

    About the only thing that can be said in favour of cable connection is that it currently has the [i:c4dfc86dc6]potential[/i:c4dfc86dc6] to give you more than 8Mb/s.

    Oh, wait. Maybe you were being sarcastic? Ex-virgin customer?
  6. avatar papaul
    I hate to sing the praises of big companies... but AOL really are the dog bollox. Never ever had a problem with them
  7. avatar Tele
    Since Virgin Media acquired NTL, there have been plenty of problems here and there. I would have to say that they are the only ISP that I'd go with though. If you go with ADSL you've got the price of a phone line on top of your internet. Personally I've no need for a phone at all, so going with Virgin is definitely the best choice. The only times I experience traffic shaping would be between 6pm and midnight, which is not a problem for me as I use the internet after that, or leave things downloading overnight/during the day.

    When I had their 20Mbit connection I have to say that it was very, very fast. I was regularly downloading things at 2MB/s at all times of the day.
  8. avatar Recycled Alien
    PlusNet have pissed me off today, so I was investigating other ISPs. The cheap O2 deal isn't available, although I'm not sure if it's just my area or all of Northern Ireland.

    Anyone with Tiscali or AOL?