1. avatar ToiletStreet
    Yep, 23rd June, they're back in the Mandella...apparently tickets are on sale from Saturday 19th March.

    I'm there.
  2. avatar turtlefish
    I'm not finding info. on this gig anywhere?!
  3. avatar ToiletStreet
    Well they announced it with the rest of their tour dates!

    [b]FFAF UK tour[/b]
    Weds June 22nd - Dublin Ambassador
    Thurs June 23rd - Belfast Mandela Hall
    Fri June 24 - Glasgow Barrowlands
    Sun June 26th - Newcastle Northumbria Uni
    Mon June 27th - Norwich UEA
    Tues June 28th - London Astoria
    Thurs June 30th - Leeds University
    Fri July 1st - Cambridge Corn Exchange
    Sun July 3rd - Folkstone Leas Cliff Hall
    Mon July 4th - Sheffield Octagon
    Tues July 5th - Southampton Guidhall
    Weds July 6th - Nottingham Rock City
    Fri July 8th - Manchester Academy
    Sat July 9th - Birmingham Academy

    Tickets go on sale this saturday 19th March
  4. avatar ConorKane
    Damn I have an exam the next day
  5. avatar ry2kill
    goin with the missus, for the 6th time :/
  6. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    anyone know if we're getting the tour supports too?
    I wouldn't mind seeing Gratitude and A Static Lullaby.

    Dublin are getting them.. we better....
  7. avatar um david
    I'd be interested in seeing Gratitude and A Static Lullaby but not fussed on FFAF
  8. avatar dazcraig
    Ha, likewise.

    They were alright last time in the Mandela, but just alright.
  9. avatar Nephilim666
    My first post!
    Can't wait, hopefully gettin' an interview with them too

    All the support bands advertised are playing, including Bullet for My Valentine