1. avatar comprachio
    JILTED presents

    The Official Belfast Launch Party for


    MONDAY 21st MARCH, from 9pm


    The album will be played out in its entirety at 10pm followed by a special JILTED club night with me and Rigsy firing out the tunes.

    Merchandise to be given away includes limited edition Zippo lighters, albums/samplers, singles, badges, posters, masks and stickers.

    As well as that, there will be drinks promos and a chance to hear some of your favourite QOTSA songs from the past.
  2. avatar greensleevesisgod
    You should play the album all night, I hear it's a grower.

    I think I shall be going. Mention of Zippo's and stickers have pretty much secured it for me.
  3. avatar MoeJay
    Heard it weeks ago, Rated R it ain't.
  4. avatar zebulon
    I remember thinking that about Songs for the Deaf too.

    Time and repeated listens proved me totally wrong.
    It took a few months though.
  5. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Rated R won't be beaten though. I thought SFTD was great but the production was too much for me. I'm like that though. Still, it's the songs. But Rated R has a nice flow and helped me sleep manys a night. Waking up to the sound of those horns at the end is great. :eek
  6. avatar comprachio
    We'll be pretty much playing the best of rated R as well as Songs for the Deaf so don't worry if you don't like the new album :)

    the Zippos and any cds will be raffled (free tickets of course unless you wanna give me a few quid).
  7. avatar whosbainejakey
    Yes but they still haven't topped their first album, im my opinion. The vinyl version of that has the best artwork ever...
  8. avatar comprachio
    Yeah, I'm gonna have to download it *gasps* cos I only have it on cassette.

    Any other requests for the night itself?
    Any other bands/songs people wanna hear?
    I'm there to please... or at least try.
  9. avatar um david
    You should play Kyuss, Mondo Generator, Mark Lanegan etc, make it proper themed like!
  10. avatar MoeJay
    And Unida then too!
  11. avatar um david
    of course, and Desert Sessions, Goatsnake, Brant Bjork, Hermano etc....@#%$, that would be class
  12. avatar MoeJay
    ...Eagles of Death Metal, Slo-Burn... Edited by: MoeJay at: 14/3/05 2:39 pm
  13. avatar zebulon
    [b]All[/b] the Masters of Reality albums, because without Chris Goss the Queens would never have become the band they are.
  14. avatar craic addict
    If yer lookin a "stoner" DJ I know just the man and no, it's not myself.
    You guys, Um David and Moejay would've loved the Pavilion on Friday night there. Crushing sounds of the desert.
    It will be repeated again.
    Details to follow. Ride the bass!
  15. avatar doomsmoker
    "it will be repeated again.details to follow"
    sounds good John,..looking forward to it already dude!
    Those DJs you got on friday night had some decent tunes but they hadnt a clue what they were at! :b
  16. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    David are Goatsnake good? Was gonna get an album by them last Saturday but got Jesu instead
  17. avatar greensleevesisgod
    For a stoner night what you need is Oxygene by Jean michel Jarre. If that's not stoner music I dunno what is.
  18. avatar um david
    [quote]are Goatsnake good?[/quote]

    Yuuus, get everything Mr Doom!!!! Slow and heavy! Just like it should be Mr Mackle...
  19. avatar craic addict
    Good god- Goatsnake getting a mention in Fastfude?
    did I open the wrong address?
    What the f.uk next, Hidden Hand, St. Vitus, The Obsessed?

    'Fuders can now stop gazing at their shoes and start fixating on their navels instead!

    Keep the Sabbath Dream Alive!
  20. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    David you are going up in my estimation! Slow and Heavy is the
    best thing ever.

    The Obsessed rock as do St Vitus. Nobody beats EYEHATEGOD though.
  21. avatar craic addict
    If you like this kinda stuff Ciaran get yourself to RockDs on Sat when the mighty Triggerman will be making the management run for planning permission!
  22. avatar doomsmoker
    aye Ciaran and get yourself 'flower of disease' by Goatsnake - its freaking awesome! :smokin
  23. avatar craic addict
    or "Trampled Under Hoof" -all that bassy goodness...yum.

    Billy Anderson
    recently produced the new Primordial(Dublin) cd too.
    It's been getting top class reviews in the metal press as well.

    Or 'Hidden Hand'featuring Wino of St Vitus, Obsessed, Spirit Caravan and recently Probot.
    Oh yeah, hail the bass!

    Deci, are we just talking s.hite here or is there a chance of hearing any of this at all? It'would make my day. Vindication at last.

    Where's the Supermasters when we need them?
  24. avatar comprachio
    In fairness, not all of it will wash cos this is QUBSU we're talking about, but yeah some of it will work.
    Gonna do a bit of grunge and will have to throw in some passe rock/indie/emo but it'll be a break from a normal night!
  25. avatar kingbowski
    Indie?? Emo?? Why?!?!? *cries*
  26. avatar doomsmoker
    yeah for sure,....QOTSA ,..doom and sabbath worship - all yis need!! but then again its student union,..suppose ye have to play the Verve or some other student keek
  27. avatar craic addict
    please if ya play Sabbath DON'T dear god, don't play Paranoid.
    Please, beg, beg!?!
  28. avatar comprachio
    Wouldn't dream of it....

    You'l be hearing...
    Mark Lanegan, Masters of Reality, Foo Fighters, Dinosaur Jnr, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Mondo Generator, My Bloody Valentine, Black Sabbath, Welllwater conspiracy, veruca salt, soundgarden, smashing pumpkins, nebula, probot as well as some other @#%$ to please any regular in the bar.

    *No Verve but I'll prob get asked for the Killers by some culchie at some stage...
  29. avatar doomsmoker
    well be sure and tell said culchie to go home and listen to Franz Ferdinand or whatever's flavour of the month with NME!

    I'm expecting my copy of 'lullabies ....' ot be throught the letter box when I get home tonight - yippeee!!
  30. avatar rudedoodle
    Is anyone I know going to this I can tag along with?

    Ron's just back from London & I haven't asked if he's going yet, and I think David UmDavid is cold-ridden.

    I will be on my best behaviour
  31. avatar Mikeymoko
    i think i may go this

  32. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    come and drink more aftershock.fun will be had
  33. avatar rudedoodle
    Michael, I still owe you an aftershock.
    Apparently there's a photo of me sitting on wee Alan's knee, thumbs up, with Wasp Boy's hat on, hip-hop style.

    I can't wait to see it.

    I forgot you'd most likely be at this, I would've stayed up in Belfast and dragged myself to it.
  34. avatar doomsmoker
    if i hadnt picked up the baxter bloody flu today i'd be there! ah well the album arrived today so its blasting right now anyway! :smokin
  35. avatar rudedoodle
    Yep same here, heavy head cold has made me retreat to Bangor
  36. avatar Kylos
    I'd liked to have experienced this.
    Alas, working away with Clutch - Blast Tyrant for company. Now there's a band that know how to rock.

    Proper riffilicious.
  37. avatar craic addict
    Clutch are playing Belfast in the not-so-distant future!


    [url=""]Info HERE[/url] Edited by: craic addict  at: 22/3/05 10:41 am
  38. avatar comprachio
    Thanks to everyone who came down for this... I, at least, had a quality.
  39. avatar andyzsp
    what happened to one inch man?
  40. avatar comprachio
    Was rippin about that.
    I REALLY should've had that in with me.
    Was surprised at some of the blank faces when I played Kyuss tho...
    Also Mondo Generator, Melvins and Screaming Trees barely caused a stir in the bar.