1. avatar dodgi stereo
    Is there a list of magazines newspapers and blogs to be contacted when you want to get a new release reviewed?

    I imagine everyone sends off to the:
    Irish News,
    Belfast Telegraph,
    Alternative Ulster and maybe

    Should this be made a sticky to include other more marginal outlets?

    Queen's Radio
    Imprint This On Your Mind
    No Clarity

    I have had problems (being outside the country) finding email addresses for even this short list - Is it possible to compile such a list of contacts without tempting the spammers?
  2. avatar Plebbboy
  3. avatar JonnyTiernan
    I think a database of NI media contacts for band use is a great idea.

    Is this something that NIMIC could help with? Maybe as an Excel document that can be emailed on request.
  4. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    NIMIC does have a nice directory on it's website but it is probably dated also. Hot Press' yearbook has up to date info but you'll have to cough up for it. ATL's links page is good for a hoke too.
  5. avatar rigsyATL
    i played yr new track on ATL before you'd even sent it to us barry!!

    nabbed it off a message board, hope you don't mind.
  6. avatar dodgi stereo
    Good to hear that there are people who have this info - anyone want to share by posting links?

    cheers Mr ATL for finding the stuff and giving it a go - encouraging.