1. avatar Smallsquare
    Is there a baffling silence on the issue or can I just not find the thread? Dustins going down a storm, in the press conferences at least.
  2. avatar xfirefishx
    I'm not even sure who is taking part (group wise, not countries) although now you've mentioned Dustin, I'm assuming he's Ireland's attempt. I've heard the French song, by Sebastien Tellier which is okay actually despite the uproar it caused in France. Who is representing the UK?
  3. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I'm getting a big carry out for tonight and watching the Semi-Finals with Dustin.

    God knows what the rest of Europe thinks of him.
  4. avatar the_doctor199
    [quote:8f3d9f4c38="xfirefishx"] Who is representing the UK?[/quote:8f3d9f4c38]

    Andy Abraham, the guy that was on x-factor or one of those shows.

    A article on NME's site this morning doesnt rate his chances too highly...

    [quote:8f3d9f4c38]Former 'X Factor' star Andy Abraham is the UK's worst Eurovision entrant, according to bookies ahead of this weekend's final (May 24).

    The ex-binman is currently at odds of 66-1 to win the competition, the longest odds of any UK entry in Eurovision's 52-year history.

    Abraham, who will perform the song 'Even If' in Belgrade on Saturday, began with odds of 20-1 but has since fallen.

    The singer is up against competition from entries including Irish puppet Dustin The Turkey and Sweden's hotly-tipped Charlotte Perrelli.[/quote:8f3d9f4c38]
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  5. avatar The Ronster
    I sent out an email to some mates to come round and watch the Semi-Final tonight with me, but so far no reply.

    Am I that alone in enjoying it immensely? Am I a 'wrongun'?
  6. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    No, I love the Eurovision. It's perfect car crash tv.
  7. avatar The Ronster
    Yeah, people who think it's crap, ARE crap!

    That's me telling them, so it is.
  8. avatar tenrabbits
    It's brilliant for one main reason. Wogan.

    Although now he's not allowed to drink during the show he's a lot more restrained..
  9. avatar tinpot anto
    I will also be having a lone Eurovision swall this evening.

    Dustin is class,

    Sweden's is a truly awful effort. Greece looks good.

    And kudos for simply taking the hot hot hot lady approach to the following countries: Greece, Armenia, Serbia, Ukraine and my fav Albania.
  10. avatar jonesy
    we'll be screening the final on Friday in the Black Box with lots of european beers n vodka n the like. oh and flags, lots of flags
    doors 7pm
  11. avatar die the flu
    The Eurovision semi-final is the TV highlight of the year. It's all the stuff that's so bad that it doesn't even make it to the final. I love it.
  12. avatar Daithi jasper
    Is the final not on Saturday?
  13. avatar The Ronster
    Yep. I''ve decided to liveblog tonights wonderfulness at [url=http://twitter.com/theronster]www.twitter.com/theronster[/url]

  14. avatar The Ronster
    Sigh, I think I've broken Twitter. It isn't responding...
  15. avatar The Ronster
    Yep, it's broke.

    Azerbaijan to win. The nuttiest thing since Lordi, or that metal bloke from last year.
  16. avatar Recycled Alien
    In a 98% Muslim country like Azerbijan, where do you get leggy dancers who will wear skimpy costumes and have wine poured over them on stage? Potential winner.

    I can't bear the "amusing" dialogue from the BBC, so I have switched to RTE2, although they are almost as annoying.
  17. avatar supershedseven
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Dustin got boo's !!!!!

    Even better, they may get disqualified for having more than 6 on the stage !!!

    Go on ya good thing !!!
  18. avatar Recycled Alien
    I thought the Irish entry wasn't quite mad [i:238215d7e8]enough[/i:238215d7e8] to get through. We'll see.
  19. avatar BLANK!
    Eurovision is a shambles.

    It will take a miracle for a country, thats not in eastern europe, to win.

    I honestly can't see the Uk or Ireland ever winning again.
  20. avatar Smallsquare
    Finland's has by far the greatest lyrics of all time
  21. avatar nameunkn0wn
    I see Finland have put in another metal band, there a bit crap in my opinion. I would think Finland could dig up something better than that.
    Didn't see all of them but I think i'd go for dustin cause of the childhood nostagia.
  22. avatar supershedseven
    I REALLY wanted to like Dustins tune for a laugh but it was rank.... i hate Metal but even that Finland entry was better..

    Who was that wee Greek bird :shock: If she is through then im tuning in on Saturday.
  23. avatar Captain Kennedy
    G'wan ya good ting ye!!! :lol:

    Austria, G'day!!
  24. avatar The Ronster
    Robbed. Gutted.
  25. avatar xfirefishx
    No Ireland - how sad but I figured that the countries voting wouldn't have had a) a sense of humour or b) a clue what Ireland was singing about!
  26. avatar Smallsquare
    [i:fcf33e1652]Post Dustin Eurovision angst causes anti Europe sentiment in Ireland,voters reject Lisbon Treaty[/i:fcf33e1652]

    [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Lisbon#Enlargement_and_secession]There'll be no EU Enlargment for you Mr.Former Soviet Republics![/url]
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  27. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Most of the acts that got through the semi final were Eastern European.

    The whole thing is rigged. Dustin never stood a chance. :cry:
  28. avatar xfirefishx
    Yes, but there were 11/12 out of the 19 that could be considered Eastern European countries so therefore it was probable that there would be a higher ratio of Eastern European countries to go through.

    Also those presenters were very annoying on the BBC. I think it must have been the first time they were allowed to present anything.
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  29. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:1b3a263918="dirty stevie smitty"]Most of the acts that got through the semi final were Eastern European.[/quote:1b3a263918]Nah, not true.
    [*:1b3a263918][b:1b3a263918]Bosnia and Herzegovina[/b:1b3a263918]

    [quote:1b3a263918="dirty stevie smitty"]The whole thing is rigged. Dustin never stood a chance. :cry: [/quote:1b3a263918]
    Also, the song and performance were crap. There were funnier comedy numbers and catchier pop numbers.

    (Sorry, I've tried to fix the formatting of this 4 times, but fastfude keeps messing it up.)[/size:1b3a263918]
  30. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    they are all east of Ireland. Therefore it was rigged. :lol:
  31. avatar Daithi jasper
    My Europe has got big hasn't it, seems to now include a large part of western Asia and the Middle East. :)
  32. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:ddd8047c43="Daithi jasper"]My Europe has got big hasn't it, seems to now include a large part of western Asia and the Middle East. :)[/quote:ddd8047c43]Surely Israel is the only anomaly?

    All the rest are in the general European area. At the Eastern end, the Western parts of Russia and Turkey have always been considered part of Europe, and Georgia and Armenia are the European countries between them. That only leaves Azerbijan, which apart from being Muslim, is very similar in culture to its neighbours and it would be odd to count it as "Western Asia".

    I think the real issue is whether we include that little island in the Atlantic.
  33. avatar Seamusmaguidhir
    [quote:c081309ec2="dirty stevie smitty"]I'm getting a big carry out for tonight and watching the Semi-Finals with Dustin.[/quote:c081309ec2]

    That's why Ireland's entry didn't get through, he was loafing on the sofa, horsing beer into him and roaring obscenities at the telly.

    Luckily next year Ireland are sorted as it turns out Howard from the halifax ads has an irish granny.

    The Norwegian lass looks and sounds like a Eurovision winner but I'd like Finland to take it again with some metal!
  34. avatar tinpot anto
    I always find it strange that these countries support each other, when in my head, they really hate each other's guts.

    or is it kind of like when the UK give Ireland 10 (yay plucky Irish friends!), and Ireland give UK 2 (from sympathy)

    Maybe that happens reciprocally between all the baltic and/or Balkan states?
  35. avatar Daithi jasper
    I was thinking geographically rather than culturally. If culture is what makes you European why not let Australia in. :)
  36. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Oh dear god, I was involved in a 3 way texting session with Anto and Ron over the joys of eurovision until Anto's missus made him turn over to BBC1 to watch 'Waking the Dead' with deeply serious actor Trevor Eve.
  37. avatar tinpot anto
    Once Ireland were done it was all going to be down hill anyways...

    Trevor Eve is class, and the current series of Waking The Dead is first class TV, so there.
  38. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    If anyone fancies doing a bet on this tomorrow, have a serious look at putting a few quid each way on Azerbiajan.

    They have come in from 66/1 to 33/1 with most bookies and the song and performace is completly over the top, but well suited to doing well at Eurovision.
  39. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Greece all the way! Britney Spears rip-off!
  40. avatar The Ronster
    I liked the Greece song, but it looks like Russia are walking away with this...

    Bastards. Its only 60% of a good song.
  41. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Did you see the size of the hooter on the Russian ice-skater? :shock:
  42. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Yey! Last!
    I was so rooting for someone to give Poland 2 more points.
  43. avatar drakeguild
    Null Entry.
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  44. avatar The enfant terrible
  45. avatar Recycled Alien
    The UK entry was mediocre, but it didn't deserve to come last. It's strange to believe that there are millions of people across Europe who think nationalism is more important than music.

    My favourite was Spain. I also liked Azerbaijan and Turkey. The Greek song was "good" in the sense that it could fit in the charts alongside all the other similar stuff that's there these days.

    The question I have though, is why Alexandra Ford from the Hole In The Wall Gang was singing for Poland.
  46. avatar tinpot anto
    I was loving Bosnia, which was a better song than most of what the Arcade Fire put on Neon Bible, but France then Spain knocked it into third place very quickly.

    France was an awesome song, I actually want to hear it again.

    All in there were more than the usual quota of decent credible and well written songs and also mental loopy tunes for the craic - the Eurostandard Dull Disco/Power Ballads were actually in the minority.

    I liked when your Greek woman got the music into her and rocked out. Here was me to the wife "That'll get them a few more "12 points"

    I was right
  47. avatar The enfant terrible
    Poor andy abraham looks pretty down about the result

  48. avatar supershedseven
    Dave Nivarro : Now with the Turkish act http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=riMSxOc7ZyA

    Loved the wee Greek bird...

  49. avatar rinky
    Most incredibly:


  50. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    [quote:6866a8dc7c]I was loving Bosnia, which was a better song than most of what the Arcade Fire put on Neon Bible[/quote:6866a8dc7c]

    Glad I'm not the only one to mention the bosnian one and Arcade fire in the same sentence. You could sing 'eyes, eyes' over it when it kicked!

    I thought it was a strong song and unfairly labelled as bonkers by Wogan.

    France was by far my favourite but I thought Greece would win it after hearing all the songs.
  51. avatar Niall Harden
    or even "Lies, Lies" :P
  52. avatar Crackity_jones
    Tellier was my favourite, followed by Greece (total rip off of the beat from Give It To Me by Timbaland, plsu the girl was megafit, therefore massive win) and Spain, the near-8bit madness with Peter Sutcliffe and dancing girls. Marvellous.
  53. avatar Young Team
    My first post!
    Tellier is a sexy bastard. Bosnia or France should've won.