1. avatar Desus
    [b:7203f46d95][size=18:7203f46d95]Radar Live presents [/size:7203f46d95]

    [size=24:7203f46d95]The Courteeners[/size:7203f46d95]

    [size=18:7203f46d95]plus special guests[/size:7203f46d95][/b:7203f46d95]

    Sunday 15th June 2008
    Speakeasy Bar
    Queens Students Union
    Doors 7pm
    £9.00 over 18s.

    Tickets available online at www.qubsu-ents.com www.ticketmaster.co.uk www.wegottickets.com And general sale from Thursday 1st May from Queens SU, Ticketmaster, Zavvi 24hr CC Hotline 08702434455

  2. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    I haven't heard much of these lads, but from interviews I reads their singer seems pretty confused about his image. He started off as a Gobby-Manc-Gallagher type but I think he was ridiculed and now he's having a go at the Witty-Manc-Morrisey thing. I hear they are good though. Though NME could put ye off any band.
  3. avatar mark lanegan
  4. avatar p-t-rebel-mc
    There is no way that they are going to make a significant deant in the Manchester indie totem pole but there Album is a pleasurable listen. I think sometimes he can get a bit above his station and a bit righteous and a minor criticism is that some of their songs sound a lot like the Libertines. I know a lot of bands are said to sound like them but dont but their songs actually do.

    I would rate them more as a pleasent mix between a British Kings of Leon and the less raucous side of The Libertines. NOt a patch on either though.

    I might go to this.
  5. avatar Desus
    Little bump for this!
  6. avatar Desus
    Support from Cashier No.9


    There are still a few, but not many tickets left for this.
  7. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    is there tickets available at the union still?
  8. avatar Desus
    Yeah there are still a few left.
  9. avatar mark lanegan
    anyone looking to go to this give me a pm, need to get rid of my ticket, say face value?
  10. avatar Mckenzie
    I was quite shocked that the crowd at this seemed to know every word of every courteeneers track and were feeding out of their hands. I didnt buy the album and I'm not overly fussed on them but willing paid the 10 quid in to see Ed Zealous who again were majestic even with their hangovers!!
  11. avatar The Ronster
    I thought The Courteneers were one of the worst bands I'd ever seen. Absolutely execrable. I don't have the bile within me to express how vomit-inducing I found the whole thing.

    Oh, and I also thought Ed Zealous could do with cutting down on sounding like The Strokes, The Killers and The Kings of Leon. Nothing wrong with having your own sound. Apart from that they seemed like a nice bunch of lads who could do well.
  12. avatar rigsyATL
    [quote:f3c3b2ce70]Ed Zealous could do with cutting down on sounding like The Strokes, The Killers and The Kings of Leon[/quote:f3c3b2ce70]

    i think that sounding like three of the biggest bands on the planet *might* just work to their advantage.
  13. avatar The Ronster
    Och now, you know what I mean.

    The last thing any band should aspire to is the crowd standing there thinking they sound like a poor imitation of VERY famous bands.

    Maybe its just me, everyone else seemed happy enough watching them. I wish them well.
  14. avatar rigsyATL
    ach i do, yeah.

    but it would be different if was contrived/put on/ripped off, which in the case of ed zealous it's really not.