1. avatar bellaigio
    hey, i have Boss WAH up for grabs, some specs on the link below:


    I bought this pedal new about 1 year ago, some class Wah's with a good range between 8 of them, along with 8 distortions aswell. I give £120 for it then.

    Need £60 for it!

    Drop me a PM!
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  2. avatar bellaigio
    infact £60ish will do!

    i can deliver it if need be, no probs!
  3. avatar bellaigio
  4. avatar bellaigio
    PRICE DROP!!!!
  5. avatar thecunnyfunt
    does it have an octave wah?
  6. avatar bellaigio
    sorry for the long wait!

    but no, there's no octave wah preset on it, but as far as i know on the advanced setting you can pretty much create your own wah effect.

    it's a kul piece of kit!!
  7. avatar bellaigio

    any offers??