1. avatar Robert_Valentine
    Drummer interested in joining band, own kit and transport, Co Down area. Mobile No: 07525043350.
  2. avatar plinkfraud
    PM'd You
  3. avatar Reaner
    still lookin?
  4. avatar Belle
    Yes he is and I can tell you he's one hot skin player. Give him a call, any band would benefit from having Rob in the saddle (So to speak). 8)
  5. avatar delirium
    where exactly are you based and what are your influences?
  6. avatar deadmanshoes
    lokin a drummer for a up and comin indie/rock band, complete album ready, so you'll not be sittnig about..

    neway cheers contact - i_be_bad_now@hotmail.co.uk
  7. avatar kobi

    Ref text - if interested gve us a shout