1. avatar Maggotmoore
    Anyone heard of this guy?

    Seen his video W'burg Will Oldham Horror on 120 minutes (MTV2) one night and was genuinely intrigued by his music, then the Culture Show had an interview with him when he last came to UK but he only played a Dublin date.
    He's currently opening for British Sea Power in the States.

    For every person that likes him, half a dozen will dismiss him but its cool to see he's coming to Belfast.
  2. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Yep, he's been here twice I think... Once on the anti-folk tour which came to Auntie Annie's (years and years ago) and I believe he did a solo show here a couple of years after that?

    I'm not fussed on his music tho I've seen him 4 times at festivals/ supporting touring acts. I'm really surprised there's this sudden interest in him - from the clips I've seen on the telly his shows are exactly the same.
  3. avatar boourns
    He did a grea show in the Menagerie as well a while back, 2002 I think. His last album is all covers of Crass songs done in a acoustic/laid back style and is, for me, his poorest because it lacks the thing that makes him special which is the way he makes his songs sound so personal.

    His shows mix up folky, finger picked stuff with basic garage punk and his "videos" which are just big comic books that he narrates along to.

    As you say, maggotmoore, he's not for everyone but give it a go if you like stuff like Moldy Peaches, Herman Dune, Daniel Johnson or that kind of thing
  4. avatar richpause
    yeah he's been here quite a few times and shouldnt be missed. we supported him last time in mchugh's...god nearly 2 years ago but i've seen him a few times since in the past year in berlin and look forward to seeing him again! his songs to illustrated animated videos are def a highlight in the night!!