1. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    Couple of guitars that are sitting on my wall gathering dust.
    SG was originally bought for about 140 pounds (i know, i got ripped off) its about three years old, its condition is grand bar a wee chip off the corner of the headstock. Given it a clean and sorted the action etc out and it plays and looks like a new guitar, great for a beginner. 60 quid.

    Tanglewood was bought around the same time, superb condition, not a mark on the thing. Black model.
    Bought originally for 150 pound, 60 quid also.
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  2. avatar Belle
    Hi There.

    Three questions

    1. what make is the SG,

    2. Is the Tanglewood an electro acoutic


    3. could we be blessed with a photo of the afore mentioned?

  3. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    The SG is a westfield, cherry red.
    Sorry, but the Tanglewood is just your bob-basic dreadnought acoustic.
    Ill have pics up by approx. dinner time tomorrow, though i can assure you theyre both in superb condition for three year old guitars.
  4. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    Pics added(excuse the amatuer photography)
    I really want these shifted guys, I'm open to any offers.
  5. avatar supersonicsolos
    The horns on d sg arent the same.strange
  6. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    yeah man theyre slightly offset, though its not a flaw of the guitar as far as im aware, its just the way the body was made, and has been since the day i bought it.
  7. avatar Recycled Alien
    Gibson SG horns aren't symmetrical - the Westfield being modelled after the Gibson: looks just the same. As you'd expect.

    They're not bad, but new ones are quite cheap now.
  8. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    Well as i said im more than happy to accept reasonable offers, i really want these shifted guys!
    Possible project guitars?
    Good for beginners?
  9. avatar Belle
    Thanks for the photos so................

    How much for the clock ;-)
  10. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    Make an offer guys, you might be surprised! keeping in mind im desperate to get these shifted.
  11. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    bump for new prices