1. avatar flmcasey
    Just thought I'd let everyone know about the young bands representing Northern Ireland at the Blastbeat All-Ireland Final in the Tripod in Dublin in May!

    [b:078dd6ee3d]Frau Sandy[/b:078dd6ee3d] won the Northern Ireland Final in The Limelight yesterday, which is pretty amazing considering he plays a Gameboy for an instrument! [b:078dd6ee3d]Seven Story Weather[/b:078dd6ee3d] finished as runners-up and will go into a play-off!

    The winner of the All-Ireland Final goes on to win a record deal with Blastspace Records and will be labelmates with the likes of Steer Clear and Home Star Runner.

  2. avatar flmcasey
    Doesn't anyone think this is a pretty big achievemnet for these young bands? They are all still in school and are doing the Northern Ireland music scene proud.
  3. avatar BLANK!
    Meh were just jealous.

    Heard our new beats yet luke?
  4. avatar rinky
    Does the gameboy fella have any tunes online?
  5. avatar BLANK!
    Naw, but I looked at someone in his top friends who does the same sorta thing and it really does sound class.
  6. avatar rinky
    [quote:dd8873342f="BLANK!"]Naw, but I looked at someone in his top friends who does the same sorta thing and it really does sound class.[/quote:dd8873342f]

    I meant other than the myspace link above, I obviously went looking there too.
  7. avatar flmcasey
    He doesn't have any music up at the moment. I dunno why like. But if you keep an eye on this: http://blastbeat.org/multimedia/music.php
    there'll be live tracks from the gig up within the next few days. He did a cover of 'Hey Ya' and all. The mind boggles..

    Btw, blank!/contraband/the mary jane rockets, the new tunes are class! It's nice to see them get the quality recording they deserve. :D
  8. avatar Aeorta
    [quote:5bc59f7a50="rinky"]Does the gameboy fella have any tunes online?[/quote:5bc59f7a50]

    Found some here: http://8bitcollective.org/members/Frau%5Fsandy/

    I wasn't too thrilled by his first two tracks, but his latest 'Sleepless' is pretty fun.
  9. avatar flmcasey
    Cheers for the link! I've been looking for his music everywhere too.

    'L'été' is pretty sweet like. It's nice to see something a little different on the NI music scene now and again - even if some people don't appreciate it (Frau Sandy had abuse hurled at him when he won).
  10. avatar flmcasey
    I've just found out another NI act has gone through to the National Final as a wildcard - [b:99f227691b]6 Days Later[/b:99f227691b].