1. avatar BLANK!
    Alright guys, just finished a long day of recording and we have two new songs up on myspace. www.myspace.com/blankbelfast . Go on and give them a listen to and let us know what you think.

    They haven't been masted yet, so that'll be done within the next few days. Aaron Rossi produced it for us, so a HUGE thank you to him from us, really awesome guy.

    Anyway give them a juke and check back in a few days to hear the remastered versions.

    Oh and a name change ... "BLANK!" to "Contraband".
  2. avatar infidelityJP
    sounding pretty cool, there is a definite dynamic in the way you guys are playing together. i'll check in a few days to hear the re-mastered version

    about the name change, i think there might already be a Contraband from belfast, no? someone correct me if i am wrong
  3. avatar fastfude
    yup: [url=http://fastfude.org/band.php?id=515]Contraband[/url]
  4. avatar BLANK!
    Aw dam it!

    We thought that was an awesome name :(
  5. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    didn't stop us :D
  6. avatar BLANK!
    They haven't logged on to there myspace in three months, so I think they've dispanded.

    Yeah Mickey its not guna stop us either lol.
  7. avatar BLANK!
    Anymore opinions on the songs?
  8. avatar Danny Lynch
    love release lads, really great song. would love to gig with yous at some stage, ive a gig in the black box after the exams, itll be about 20th june. i think the bills full, but ill see what i can do, no guarantees. i know a guy i think yous know, conor..works in the spar at the cavehill road, so if i dont contact u through this ill say to him
  9. avatar BLANK!
    Cheers man :)

    We'd love to play, but June is pretty much out for us, because of exams pretty much, but we will gig together some day!
  10. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:9fc4379afe="BLANK!"]They haven't logged on to there myspace in three months, so I think they've dispanded.

    Yeah Mickey its not guna stop us either lol.[/quote:9fc4379afe]I think the real Contraband are taking a break to do university stuff.

    They're a much, much better band than you in my opinion, so that's probably not something you want to draw attention to by using the same name.

    (It was a crap and very unoriginal name when they picked it as well. Try and show some imagination.)
  11. avatar BLANK!
    Dude what the hell?

    OK fair enough we have the same name, but if your going to sit there and diss us like that at least say how we can improve or whatever, or take your negative vibes elsewhere.
  12. avatar Recycled Alien
    OK, you can improve by practising really hard to improve your playing, and you can work on making your songs a bit more original and more exciting. OK?

    I'm not saying you're really bad or anything, but you need to be realistic about the stage you're at and how much work you need to do to become good.

    But you could maybe pick a better name. How about "The Beatles"? I think there was a band with that name, but they've probably broken up by now.
  13. avatar BLANK!
    I'm pretty sure theres a difference between the beatles and a LOCAL BAND called contraband, but if you think otherwise I'll happily argue my case.

    We know exactly what stage we're at thank you very much. We're just a school band looking to play a few more gigs ok.

    Whats with you? Why are you so sarcastic and bitter?
  14. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:8530a81221="BLANK!"]I'm pretty sure theres a difference between the beatles and a LOCAL BAND called contraband, but if you think otherwise I'll happily argue my case.[/quote:8530a81221]

    The fact that you have the same (bad) name as another local band is probably worse for you seeing as you're both sharing the same audience.

    An extreme case: You'll never be on the same bill as them
    "Contraband with support: Contraband"

    suck it up, accept that its a crap name and pick another.
  15. avatar fastfude
    An original band name is important: Whether the other Contraband are defunct or not, there are almost certainly a million other Contrabands out there on the Interwebs. Spend a bit of effort researching a name that's not in use and you'll be rewarded with your own identity and no awkward litigation in later years.

    For example: [url]http://www.last.fm/music/contraband[/url]

    [quote:b728152ca4]There is more than one artist with this name:

    1) Contraband was a short-lived super group featuring some of the biggest names in the 80’s metal scene.

    2) Contraband is an unsigned hardcore/punk band from Northern Ireland.

    3) Contraband is an alias of the collaboration between Benji Vaughan (Prometheus, Younger Brother) & Dermid Harrison-Murray (Havana, Sleaze) who appeared on Twisted records Backroom Beats 1 & 2 compilations

    4) Contraband is a band from Ghent, Belgium. (read all)[/quote:b728152ca4]
  16. avatar nocturn
    Whats with you? Why are you so sarcastic and bitter?[/quote:1c1062e476]

    Welcome to real life/the music industry/fastfude.

  17. avatar Firebobbie Mark
    Fair enough they should think of a better and more original name for the band and yes, contraband are a well established and IMO brilliant band from part of the universe [b:6631bf3d0d]BUT[/b:6631bf3d0d]surely there's a more diplomatic way of putting it than that!

    Welcome to fastfude, musical and just general snobbery at it's finest (also a fantastic information resource for anyone with an interest in local music!)

    Wise the bap
  18. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:928082fd3e="BLANK!"]I'm pretty sure theres a difference between the beatles and a LOCAL BAND called contraband, but if you think otherwise I'll happily argue my case.[/quote:928082fd3e]No, there's no difference. Taking some other band's name is just lame. It only makes you look like you have no clue.

    [quote:928082fd3e="BLANK!"]We know exactly what stage we're at thank you very much. We're just a school band looking to play a few more gigs ok.[/quote:928082fd3e]Sorry if I was negative. You asked for advice earlier on getting gigs, and the sensible advice was to record some half-decent demos. You've done that, and it shows you're serious about your music and willing to make the effort.

    [quote:928082fd3e="BLANK!"]Whats with you? Why are you so sarcastic and bitter?[/quote:928082fd3e]Because I'm very old and cynical and haven't played any gigs for nine months since my band dumped me. :cry:
  19. avatar rinky
    Haven't you any of your own teenagers you could be arguing with? :roll:

    Anyway, sure just call yourselves Contra:

  20. avatar trepanner
    Questions of originality and the confusion it would cause and so on aside, do you not think it's a bit rude?
  21. avatar BLANK!
    Here right forget the name. Fair enough, we didn't know that local band was already called that, but forget about it all fs. Stop whining about stupid names and get back to feedback on the new songs :)

    That was the whole idea of the thread before this distraction.
  22. avatar goatboy
    Not really my kind of thing.

    I much prefer the other Contraband.

    I personally think in a scene so small it would be stupid to have the same name as another local band.

    I know that there have been a couple of cases where English bands have the same name as American bands, so when the English bands release stuff in America they have to add UK to the end of their name. I'm trying to think of examples - Kaito / Kaito UK perhaps?

    Perhaps you could run with:

    Contraband (County Antrim) (assuming that you're from Co Antrim) whilst the other Contraband could be Contraband (County Down).

    I always thought it was a bit strange that Julianne & co named their band Coda, as there was another local band called Coda knocking around a couple of years before them. Perhaps they didn't know. It did however cause confusion recently when Loose Ruairi from Rodan was saying how shit he thought Coda were, thinking they were the same band still kicking around from years ago having never heard the newer ones.
  23. avatar BLANK!
    Right, forget the whole Contraband ballex ok.
  24. avatar bodacious_happenings
    All I know is I've only seen you making two threads and both of them went straight into the "Hot Topics" so you're already one step ahead of most people and bands here, including my own...though it's pretty much putting you on course to be the next esotericeric/inprogwetrust which you MAY consider to be a negative!
  25. avatar flmcasey
    You have no luck with names...
    A Blank from Co.Kerry and a Contraband from Co.Down? Bad craic like.

    Oh, and on topic, I think the songs are pretty sweet. It's nice to see a young band being pro-active and trying to spread their fanbase beyond their school.

    By the way, where'd you get your stuff recorded? It's pretty good quality - especially for being unmastered.
  26. avatar aaronrossi
    Forgetting all the name issues - I met with these guys and I think they have huge potential.

    Only two months together and being young they have managed to come up with a couple of good tunes!
  27. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:02e432764b="goatboy"]I'm trying to think of examples - Kaito / Kaito UK perhaps?[/quote:02e432764b]

    The Charlatans UK
  28. avatar ginpromo
    Nice voice but bit unoriginal.

    You asked!
  29. avatar Steven Dedalus
    It's not really the kind of thing I like, to be honest.

    But on an objective level:

    1. The band doesn't sound like it's playing together. The bass, drums and guitar keep threatening to go off in their own directions.

    2.It's a bit too busy. Perhaps you are over-stretching yourself? Playing funk-rock requires the quality of 'funk', you can't just have a bash at it. Perhaps by starting out more simply, you might be able to settle on a style that seems like a natural fit.

    3. Whilst I'm banging on about simplicity, in terms of the arrangements and the melodies, it sounds like everyone's just doing their best to show off how well they can play, and it's not doing you any favours.

    ON the plus:

    1. You're working hard at it.

    2. Yis are only young, and you'll get better with time.

    3. There's some good bits in the songs.

    4. There's a lot of enthusiasm.

    Like I say, I could take or leave it - to be honest, it's not soemthing that I'd ever want to listen to - but good work for trying, and if that'sthe kind of thing you're into, then you can only get better.
  30. avatar tinpot anto

  31. avatar JTM
    I was watching NvTv at lunch; the music was by Desert Hearts, Jetplane Landing, and Contraband.