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    FRI 9TH

    First band on sharpish!


    They’re a band that doesn’t have fans as much as they have diehards who come to every show and scream the words to every song from their classic albums like Tennessee and That Much Further West. They’re road warriors who live in their tour van and have had their touring experiences chronicled in the Dreaming In America DVD.

    They’re a band that has been tagged as alt-country and punk country, that has written plenty of songs about girls and guitars, and about life, love, drinking, and life, love, and drinking while on the road. They expanded their lyrical palette on 2005’s critically acclaimed Nobody’s Darlings and in 2006 they re-released the hard-to-find home-recorded gem, The Attic Tapes. But on Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers, Lucero prove themselves to be something much simpler than that: a tried n true American rock n roll band. To call Lucero Memphis’ answer to Bruce Springsteen is not a stretch. It’s just how it is. On Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers, Lucero aren’t afraid to show how much The Boss has been an influence on them, all the while maintaining their patented sound and style. Being from the South is important I think. It gives the songs a place. It makes Lucero what it is. Bruce Springsteen could only be from Jersey. I’d like to think where we’re from comes through in the songs.

    On Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers, Lucero continue to tell vivid stories, peppering their lyrics with references to slice-of-life and small town Americana culture. They play with Southern rock, pop, and a heart-wrenching ballad on the new album. Twangy riffs complement Ben Nichols’ signature whiskey-soaked vocals. Here, Lucero fill out several songs with organs and pianos. As a result, Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers is full, memorable, and layered, complete with resonant songs that tug at your heartstrings, and that take up real estate in your brain for days at a time.

    For fans of: Cory Branan, Drive-By Truckers, Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, Whiskeytown and more...


    [b:f9537a1a20]ROBYN G SHIELS[/b:f9537a1a20]

    Robyn G. Shiels’ 2005 debut LP ‘A Lifetime of Midnights’ does not suggest that he’d be a happy drunk. In broad terms, Shiels occupies the same alt-country saloon as Will Oldham and Smog. His fragile, melancholic songs are delivered over a sparse backing of guitars, piano and faint slurred drumming. Midnight music. Whiskey Music. Heartache Music. Singles ‘We Are of Evil’ and ‘Playing Host to Ideas’, released on Belfast based No Dancing Records, claimed widespread media attention, securing sessions with Huw Stephen’s at BBC Maida Vale studios in London, and sending Robyn off as far as Venice and Prague, alongside the likes of Palace Brothers, Van Morrison, Richard Hawley, David Holmes and Cat Power. A slot at Club NME in London’s Koko Club followed, along with a live session for LA based radio station Indie 103.1FM. Following a scheduled European tour, and a visit to New York City later this year, Robyn returns to the studio to record his eagerly anticipated second album, due for release in 2008.

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  3. avatar xiknowitsoverx
    This should be fun!
  4. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    man they sound good alright, pity i'm outta town...
  5. avatar David McLaughlin
    [quote:f15ded6c14]man they sound good alright[/quote:f15ded6c14]

    They really did.

    [quote:f15ded6c14]pity i'm outta town...[/quote:f15ded6c14]

    You and the rest of the town, Jamesy!

    Cool show; sad that no one was at it but the band handled it brilliantly.
  6. avatar Revenge Therapy
    they were awesome! they will be back pretty soon so all is good. great dudes as well.