1. avatar returnofthedogs
    Ever wanted to see your favourite local band do a DJ set?

    Well now you can!


    [color=blue:27c763c538][size=24:27c763c538]PANAMA KINGS[/size:27c763c538][/color:27c763c538]

    [color=red:27c763c538][size=18:27c763c538]CASHIER No.9[/size:27c763c538][/color:27c763c538]



    WED 18th JUNE

    Poster comin soon!
  2. avatar returnofthedogs
  3. avatar drive by fader
    yo paul! i've pm'd your ass. didn't it let you know? bloody asses.
  4. avatar returnofthedogs
    Pm'd ya Right back atcha!!
  5. avatar returnofthedogs
  6. avatar returnofthedogs
    This is gettin closer! woop woop!

    Hopefully this night will be a monthly thang, so if any bands are interested in DJing at Animal Disco let me know.
    You can pm me here or get me at this myspace

  7. avatar jenniemcc
    aaaaaaawwwwwwwww yyyyeeeaaaaahhhh
  8. avatar returnofthedogs
    tHiS WeDnEsDaY.
  9. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    *Now with added Britpop! If its good enough for us, you better believe its good enough for you...
  10. avatar returnofthedogs
    Ya! I beleive there will be a special appearence at this.... This should not be missed. :-D
  11. avatar returnofthedogs
  12. avatar the*optimist
    This is going to be well jackson.
  13. avatar Not Squares
    well this was fun!

    i think Dario G was the high point, or low point, either/or it was pretty special.
  14. avatar returnofthedogs
    Great Night! Thanks to all who came and for the bands who played. Highlight for me had to be kowalski badminton on dance floor with motorcycle racing gear and army helmets.
    photos will follow shortly.
  15. avatar rinky
    Was this true?
  16. avatar returnofthedogs
    oh yeah!