1. avatar november kyle

    So the title explains - my mate and I require someone for a 3-bedroom house in the Stranmillis region (yes, we are students (going into final year)).

    Applicants must enjoy Lee Ranaldo, Steve Albini, Neil Warnock, Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (6/2008 also allowed), Stephen Malkmus, chicken stir-frys, Office quotes, a general degree of cleanliness, agreed upon quiet times, Champions League nights, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and witty banter.

    A general student house without the GAA tops and all-nighters. A boring bunch.

    Any takers?

    P.S. I forgot some other 'key' details:

    This is for the next University year - so probably moving in in September this year. Rent around £200 a month. Non-naturists.