1. avatar Anhviet
    hi all!

    We are expirienced live band that plays original kind of music called psycho-cold wave . We are willing to play "here and there" and everywhere , we dont mind playing as support or etc... Are you looking a band for a gig ? Just let us now and we will be there!

    More songs, pictures on http://myspace.com/athuoc

    keep on rock !!!
  2. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    [quote:5879e2ce46="Anhviet"]original kind of music called psycho-cold wave.[/quote:5879e2ce46]:lol:
    [quote:5879e2ce46="http://myspace.com/athuoc"]Sounds Like: THE CURE, HIM, MUSE...[/quote:5879e2ce46]
  3. avatar athuoc
    :) :) why not :)