1. avatar esotericeric93
    Okay, here's the craic. I have an abundance of instruments, a weird voice, a few short whacky tunes and nothing recorded. I have the desire to play one or 2 tunes at an open mic night but, the 2 critical questions are: would I be allowed to play and would my style be appreciated? It's kind of whacky 1 man comdey with influences such as Chubs, Tiny Tim, Alex Harvey and of course 'Zappa- a far cry from the typical singer song writter ilk at these things.

    Also, where and when are the local open mic nights in Belfast? Isn't there one on weds at Katys?
  2. avatar fastfude
    Stop posting "what if" threads on the Internet and just do something. Find an open mic night and play a song. Solicit some feedback and take it from there.