1. avatar Andrew
    LOS CABRAS[/b]

    DOORS 8PM, TICKETS £10.00

    Rock'n'roll, motherfuckers.
  2. avatar Wasp Boy
    Let the massacre commence...............
  3. avatar edwin mcfee
    ROCK N FUCKINN ROLL!!!!!!!!!!
  4. avatar WaffleyVersatile
    holy sh*t.

  5. avatar saz chops
    hurray!!!! this'll be grrrreat!!!
  6. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
  7. avatar Swing Kid is Satan
    My first post!

    kill everything baby.
  8. avatar Andrew
    Tickets on sale soon...
  9. avatar whosbainejakey
    Sweet Christ but that is a cool poster! Can I have a full size one for me wall, in like colour and stuff?

    I hope my hearing has recovered for The Wedding Present the following night...
  10. avatar T Entertainment
    Even I am punk enough to realise the significance of this occasion.
  11. avatar dazcraig
    I heard you wanted to express how punk you were by kissing Gogs.

    Maybe it was just a rumour.
  12. avatar Kev Bones
    Lets get drugs and lets go see Zeke!!!!!!!!!!! yehah
  13. avatar ConorKane
    Bring them on. Death Alley has become one of my favourite records.
  14. avatar Andrew
    Tickets on sale now you bastards.
  15. avatar ssmcmullan
    Blind Marky is imminent!
  16. avatar whosbainejakey
    Don't miss an interview with this semi-reformed crazy in tomorrow's Noise Annoys...
  17. avatar whosbainejakey
    [b]ZEKE AND DESTROY![/b]

    These days there aren’t enough bands around who you can count on to truly kick your ass. In an age where hair gel sponsorship deals, lucrative sneaker endorsements and celebrity girlfriends have watered down the art of rock ‘n’ roll far past the point of self-parody, not many groups are prepared to say ‘screw that’ and (to mis-quote Fleetwood Mac) go their own way.

    This is why we should all give praise to the gods of thunder for a band like Zeke. Simply put, over the past 12 years these guys have been playing the fastest, craziest, loudest punk rock imaginable with approximately zero regard for the latest fads, trends or their own sanity.

    Singer guitarist Blind Marky Felchtone and drummer Donny Paycheck may not be related, but over the years their antics have made the Gallagher brothers look like a two-man knitting circle.

    These guys have gone to the edge of madness and back, having just about survived years of cliched rock and roll existence which saw Zeke branded with the truly mind boggling curse of being ‘the only band The Dwarves are afraid of’.

    Forget all that crap though. What makes Zeke great is their fearsome records and insane live gigs. Zeke’s music fuses the frantic tempos of hardcore punk to a solid chassis of hard rock crunch, supercharged to create a brutal, ear-bleeding sonic punch in the face. Their lyrics favour cars, girls and graphic tales of drink and drug induced bedlam.

    On their current album ‘Til The Livin’ End (their sixth) they take the pace down a fraction from the likes of their classic LPs Flat Tracker and Death Alley in favour of creating a meatier sound than usual. The band play as though Lemmy himself were cracking a genuine Nazi surplus whip at their backs.

    It’s the European tour for this record that will see them make their Belfast debut at the Rosetta on Tuesday February 15 with The Dangerfields and Los Cabras. A couple of minutes in the pit at this engagement will knock the post Valentine’s blues out of anyone, along with their loose change and a few teeth.

    Now armed with a second guitarist, just four dates into the tour Zeke are apparently already cruising at full throttle.

    “Hopefully we won’t be too fast for you by the time we get over to Belfast!” jokes Marky, down the phone from Norway.

    “Our new guitar player Chris Johnson (from Donny’s side project Camarosmith) shreds. It’s just incredible, you’re going to love it.”

    With just one day off this whole month, the band are once again headed full tilt into the bottomless rock ‘n’ roll abyss.

    “Nobody gives a fúck about us, so to get anywhere we have to put up with playing like a thousand shows without getting any time to ourselves,” cracks Marky. “That’s alright, we wouldn’t have it any other way. No sleep ‘til Belfast, man!”

    He continues, mock terrified: “We’ve never played in Belfast before. Isn’t that in Ireland or something? Northern Ireland, even? Do we have to worry about getting bombed or blown up or anything?”

    Despite their narcotic past, Marky and Donny have now kicked drugs and are focussed entirely on turning Zeke into the hardest rocking band they can. Marky even got married last year, though he assures us he’s far from settling down.

    “Yeah, getting married has slowed me down a lot,” he says sarcastically. “It’s really made me pause to consider life and my place in this physical realm of existence. Or not. Take a look at our schedule and work it out for yourselves.”

    Still, with their craziest days now behind them, Zeke may disappoint those fans enthralled by tales of their chaos years.

    “Yeah, I know whenever I hear that somebody is getting off drugs, it bums me out,” Marky half-jokes. “I really prefer it when people are killing themselves with dope.”

    With a sigh, he continues: “I don’t know man, we’re still playing the same rock ‘n’roll. If anything we deliver an even more intense show now than we ever have. I don’t think it has anything to do with being on drugs.

    “Everything is exactly as it was apart from the fact that hopefully we’re not getting into fights with people or getting our asses kicked, or kicking other people’s asses. That’s no good for anybody.”

    According to Marky, the band are proud of their current record, which highlights the 70s rock side of the bands influences, particularly Motorhead.

    “There’s almost too much Motorhead on the new record,” he laughs, “but you know there’s also a lot of AC/DC and Black Sabbath influence on there too. We’ve done so many fast records, man, everything from the first album up to Death Alley has just been a breakneck, tear you a new ass kind of slamfest.

    “We just wanted to kind of step back and kind of get more in touch with our roots. I know we can’t sound exactly like those classic bands, but we wanted to open it up a little bit and let some of those influences seep in.”

    He adds: “Hopefully, we’re going to be touring with Motorhead and Corrosion of Conformity later this year. I’m hella looking forward to that because I love both those bands.”

    When Zeke first formed in Seattle in 1993, they probably had no idea they’d still be cranking out noise over a decade later, let alone touring with Lemmy.

    “When we started, I just wanted to do a seven-inch record,” admits Marky. “We had about an album’s worth of material, but I just thought if I can do just one small piece of vinyl I’ll be happy. I’ll just play in punk rock clubs and live at home and work a day job the rest of my life and be happy.

    “But then, a bunch of stuff happened. A lot of people were interested in us and it went from there. To be honest, after the first couple of albums, it’s been other people asking us to make more records. We write the songs in a week, record them in two weeks and there you have it.

    “I had no idea it would go on for this long. I’m pretty excited because I get to go and play in the UK Europe and come to Belfast and do all this cool stuff.

    ``We actually just recorded a new 10-inch EP which is incredible, it kicks the ass off the stuff on ‘Til The Livin’ End. We’re going to do a new album when we get home, and really the band is doing better than ever. I’m really happy about it.”

    For Zeke, the end is clearly still a long way off.

    • Zeke, with Los Cabras and The Dangerfields, The Rosetta, Tuesday February 15. Tickets £10 from usual outlets.
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  18. avatar T Entertainment
    Right, who is going to make this Zeke virgin (I don't know how either) a compilation? I am tempted, but need toons.
  19. avatar whosbainejakey
    I am going to knock myself up a CD based on the recent setlists people have been posting on the [url="http://com1.runboard.com/bzekeyoumessages.fmainchat"]Zeke board.[/url] Will make you a copy also...
  20. avatar T Entertainment
  21. avatar Andrew
    Holy sh*t, I just saw this setlist from a show in Sweden:

    1.Highway Star
    2.Wanna F*ck
    3.Chiva Knievel
    4.West Seattle Acid Party
    5.Arkansas Man
    6.Little Queen
    8.Holly 750
    10.Mainline (Extended version)
    13.The Hammer
    18.Mystery Train
    19.God Of GSXR
    20.302 Cubic Inch V-8 Powered Blues
    23.Schmidt Value Pack
    24.10 To The Riverside Blues
    25.Galaxie 500

    Anyone who misses this show deserves to be shot in the eyes.
  22. avatar Andrew
    Any other miserable Zeke virgins still out there, go to [url]http://shop.relapse.com/artist/artist.aspx?ArtistID=10118[/url] and check out the downloads. Play loud.
  23. avatar rudedoodle
    Are there still tickets for this?
    Can you pay on the door?
  24. avatar Andrew
    Yes and yes. See ya there baby!
  25. avatar Wasp Boy
  26. avatar xfirefishx
    The only Zeke stuff I know is what they did on the Ramones tribute album. Which is bad I know. More reason to see them play I suppose.
  27. avatar Andrew
    Zeke are in the UK!

    Stage times for tomorrow:
    LOS CABRAS :: 8.45-9.15
    THE DANGERFIELDS :: 9.30-10.10
    ZEKE :: 10.30-11.30

    Bring it on!
  28. avatar dazcraig
    The football won't be over by 8:45, you deviant! Gonna have to skip Los Cabras, I think.
  29. avatar Andrew
    What is this 'football' you speak of? Maybe I can knock LC back to 9pm or so...
  30. avatar dazcraig
    There's an all star Tsunami charity match on TV.

    All the big name Tsunamis will be playing. *boom boom*
  31. avatar bastard dan
  32. avatar whosbainejakey
    Most posters ever up for this gig. Let's hope at least some cretins around town know who Zeke are!
  33. avatar ssmcmullan
    Zeke are planeing it towards Belfast as we speak!
  34. avatar bastard dan
    Towning/bridging their way to town?
  35. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Well that was class, pity about my FVCKING amp!! >:

    besides that, it be rocker und roller!

  36. avatar soulfluff
    that was an amazing gig, cheers Griswold! some photos [url="http://www.soulfluff.com/photos/zeke/zeke.html"]here[/url]

  37. avatar Pete
    [quote] Well that was class, pity about my FVCKING amp!![/quote]

    Why, what happened?
  38. avatar bastard dan
    What a fuckin' gig!
  39. avatar T Entertainment
    I couldn't really afford it in the end, was there a decent crowd 'n' all?
  40. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Did Zeke actually ask "Is there anyone here in the IRA?"
  41. avatar greensleevesisgod
    They did indeed! The Little bits of zeppelin they played too was fantasmo.

    In regards to the amp, apparently they said it wasn't running on full power, The singer guy said to me it sounded more like 30 watts than 100 which is odd because it works fine for me(?).

    Ah well, if there is anything wrong it has a warranty still...
  42. avatar saz chops
    what a great gig! zeke are amazing!!
  43. avatar RosettaBelfast
    [quote]more like 30 watts than 100 which is odd because it works fine for me[/quote]

    Hardly any juice out of it at all. Very low volume. The other JCM about 4 times louder.

    Either its not right or he hadn't rigged it up correctly. I checked the outputs for the cab and all were fine.
  44. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Yeah, i'm gonna have someone look at it. Phoned marshall up so I may be sending it to them. It is pretty new and I'd never cranked the @#%$ up, So I wouldn't have known had I not of lent it out.

    Cest la vie
  45. avatar Pete
    Might have been that a pair of the valves had gone... if one side had gone then the amp would continue to work but only at 50watt output. I think the output impedance could also then change (I'm guessing now). Take the back panel off and turn the amp on, check that all four valves are glowing orange.

    The other one was mine and it had 4 fresh power valves in that afternoon, maybe there is a link.

    But yes, I was wanting to come down to the gig and see what all the fuss was about but I was still in work when Mr Griswold phoned me when the gig was over to arrange for me to collect my amps

    I will have the mother of all blow outs once this PhD is finished!!
  46. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Yeah, your JCM sounded pretty sweet. Rather jealous! I had mine up full earlier and it doesn't really hit you. When my Fender roc pro is up full you can feel it in your chest, Marshall aint like that. Tried the valve thing, they all seem to be working.

    If it's not the valves well the warranty should cover it, if not how much are replacement valves roughly?


    Edit: Was reading something on the marshall website about low volumes that it can be caused by the preamp valves. It says something about switching them around(??), anyone got anything to add to that? Edited by: greensleevesisgod  at: 17/2/05 2:23 am
  47. avatar Pete
    You can do it yourself easily, they are the smaller valves to the left of the power valves... just lift them out of their sockets and swap them about.
  48. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Not suprising that didn't work.
  49. avatar RosettaBelfast
    All 4 valves were burning bright on Tues.

    My Newphew had the same prob with his brand new JCM 2000 but he doesn't know what the fault was (if it was me i'd want to know
  50. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Did he send it back to Marshall or what?

    This must be recified soon! >:
  51. avatar Andrew
    Marshall amps aside, Zeke were f*cking immense. I've seen those christers at least 10 times and that was by far the best yet. Thanks to everyone who came and f*ck you to everyone who sat at home crying into their backpacks.

    Also thanks to Pete, Ian, Chris, Simsie, Smurf, Ruairi, Gigmonkey, Mully and Wasp for driving/cooking/lending gear. You all rock.
  52. avatar leesub60
    Zeke were totally rockin.
  53. avatar The Only Ronster
    [quote] f*ck you to everyone who sat at home crying into their backpacks.[/quote]

    Sorry. I just don't like to rock anymore. Oh and I can't afford to either. The Lotus just [i]drinks[/i] petrol these days.
  54. avatar savagebilliards
    yup feckin amazin! again sorry about the misunderstandin andrew! fair fucks to ya nice one!
  55. avatar ssmcmullan
    Some photos from the Rosetta courtesy of Iona: [url]http://www.soulfluff.com/photos/zeke/zeke.html[/url]