1. avatar stevie j
    I need a drummer with the talent, dedication and time to make a band work.

    Already have 2 guitars, vocals and bass.

    Our style is bluesy rock, think Black Crowes, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Led Zep.

    I don't want someone who just wants to knock out semiquavers on his double kick, just a ballsy drummer with a feel for music who can play simple but effective rhythms but also has the ability to improvise.

    Drop me a PM if you're interested.

  2. avatar RockShandy
    Esoteric is your man, as long as you are willing to expand into the lesser known genre of Mime-cROCKquet.
  3. avatar stevie j
    Already met him once, we are looking at very different styles :roll:
  4. avatar stevie j
  5. avatar stevie j
    Oi, stop advertising for drummers.

    I've got bags on the first one who's any good. :D

    Or else :smt067

    BTW where are all of them. If any don't reply soon I'll have to use a drum machine