1. avatar Di Di Mau
    Hi. I'm staging a gig soon in Belfast and would be interested in hearing from any bands still at school who would like to play a high profile gig in Belfast's city centre.

    Please could you email me an MP3 to rory@didimau.co.uk

    If technology isn't your thing then PM me for an address to send it to.


  2. avatar fopp
    Does school of life count?

    What about university of life?
  3. avatar thesneakybandit

    you should probably give these guys a shout.

    it's an education and library board run initiative which takes school kids and sort of "trains" them to be in a band. they run sessions on everything from songwriting to sound engineering and then at the end of each year the kids get together, form bands and have a showcase gig.

    me and jen from bruisedfruit were at last year's event and some of the bands were actually quite talented.
  4. avatar billyfyffe
    two door cinema club are still in school for another couple of months.
  5. avatar reilly
    im in silvercord, we're all still in school and would be interested
  6. avatar Di Di Mau
    brillaint keep em coming.

    i have some 2 door.

    could silvercord send me an MP3?

  7. avatar silvercord
    interested :D
  8. avatar reilly
    Check your mails there man
  9. avatar Jamie_IronMaiden
    Hey dude, i sent you an E-mail concerning Ruby's masquerade?