1. avatar thesacredhearts
    Any recommendations on models to seek out with thin necks? Have given it a google and not getting much. I know the 50's ones are out as they have thick necks so looking something thinner, and ideally solid body not the thin line semi's which feedback all over the shop.

    Its that or a casino or shearton im thinking.
  2. avatar tinpot anto
    All (US anyway) fenders come with a choice of D, V, U and C neck profiles, as well as choices of fret radius. Mine is a D - well the original was, and it was fairly thin, the C is more so, U is baseball bat, and V is that rubbishy shape you get on *metal* guitars. simple enough, the shops usually keep a selection of each type.

    The re-issues and vintage-new models follow old specs and might not have the choice but standard models over the last 15-20 years do.
  3. avatar thesacredhearts
    Ahh i see, although people seem not to note this when selling online.

    Trip to the guitar emporium i guess.

  4. avatar trepanner
    Is the "V" neck not quite chunky?

    When I think of those 'orrible metal guitars, I'm thinking they're all C-profiles (and about a centimetre thick.. with tiny 'orrible wee wiry 9 gauge strings put on em and tuned to drop-D.. shudder)
  5. avatar thesacredhearts
    Well im pretty small and a good few teles i pick up i'd have trouble feeling comfortable with. Generally i string all my guitars with 11's, if i didnt they'd break all over the shop.

    For size reference, my other guitar that i feel most comfortable with neckwise is an lp custom.

    Generally i'd play in standard tuning or a semi tone down but by no means metal at all.
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  6. avatar tinpot anto
    Aye it's a big horrible chunky monster - I've only ever found them on Ibanezes and Jacksons and the like, just shows ye.

    Yeah tele's tend to be a bit thicker than yer usual strats.

    I found this unusually ballix free guide to guitar buying, which is a breath of fresh air so I will share it.

    I only found all this balls out when my own neck went skew-wiff and I was looking for a replacement which was similar, little did I know the madness that I would unleash.

    The only thing it doesn't mention is "jumbo" frets. i got these in my replacement neck and found them a million times more playable, responsive and with better depth of tone than the standard sort. Apparently Rory gallagher had all his guitars and replacement necks refitted with jumbo frets.

    The main thing though is if you are really fussy you can get a brand new neck to your exact spec from somewhere like Allparts and get it fitted to another guitar, it'll maybe cost about £200-250 all in after laquering, dressing and fitting, but it's worth considering if you come across a good 2nd hand body with good pickups and stuff.
  7. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    Nothin' wrong with a good thick neck. I would have put a 50's profile "Boatback" Strat Neck, or even that on a Clapton Strat down as a V, meself, but I see what you mean, too. The "Rhythm" Metal Guitars thend to have tree-trunks, as opposed to "Super" Strats, which have flat-backed C-profiles one could spit through. Of course, they will both be accompanied with active pickups and locking ironmongery, and thus sound pretty much identical.

    The problem with finding a neck profile that you really, really like is that it will invariably be on an instrument that isn't made any more. As far as thin-ish Fender necks go, the old "60's" model Japanese reissues, particularly the Strat, had a really nice, comfortable C-shape that wasn't overly thick.
  8. avatar gavinearly
    I've got a '72 custom and the neck on it's pretty good.
  9. avatar racecarisracecarbackwards
    I have a Tokai tele, and the neck is pretty thin, and really,really fast.
  10. avatar Bobphoenix
    Here, nothing wrong with a good metal guitar! I've never been in a metal band, but love my Bc Rich's for playability and pure fuckin rock'ness
  11. avatar thesacredhearts
    Aye i was speaking to chris from GE last night and he was saying they have a Jap reissue that i might be interested in.

    The best tele i ever played was a tokai and i rue the day i didnt buy the thing.

    Thanks for the advice folks, ill bear it in mind when im parting with my hard earned dough.