1. avatar cruz
    The live show tonight features this rather fine Denver band. Hopefully they'll not pick one of the more outlandish tunes from their album, some of the songs on it are quite stunning.

    Oh, and Portishead are on there too.
  2. avatar tenrabbits
    Which album do you mean? I'm a big fan too.. though I know what you mean about their more avant garde stuff! How it ends was the first of their songs I heard and still my favourite I think!
  3. avatar cruz
    The most recent one, Mad and Faithful Telling, but there's some really gorgeous tunes on there. Along the Way and Clockwise Witness are sublime.
  4. avatar Recycled Alien
    I've seen two of the acts on that programme perform live at festivals, one in Perugia and one in Glastonbury. What are the chances of that happening, eh?

    Devotchka were probably the most interesting on the show, although I'm not absolutely sold on the tuba for basslines being more than a gimmick.

    The Last Shadow Puppets need a slap.