1. avatar Tomsthumb
    I’ve just got some very cheap gear to maybe try and get some crude recording but I was wondering if any you guys had any advice?

    Stanton pro-30 Per-amp
    Sony Net MD
    SB Live! Wave soundcard

    I have Cubebase and soundforge but there not installed ATM.

    Currently I’m using cool edit in the mean time.
    When I send the feed from my bass, into the MD then play it into the sound card without the use of the mixer it SEEMS fine,
    However there’s a slight annoying hiss and it only records if the computers speaker is turned up,
    Sounds like there is a mic recording the whole thing but there’s none connected.
    (is the hiss anything to do with sending the signal to too many places)
    There's a strong enough tone getting threw.

    Should I be playing the minidisk into the per-amp then send it to the soundcard?

    How would I record some bass lines more efficiently with the gear I have and what upgrades would I need around a budget price of say £400-£600

  2. avatar Tomsthumb
    Oh I should point out I'm not building a studio.

    Just a simple cheap basic Rig for accoustic guitar and bass lines.
  3. avatar trepanner
    I picked up a Line 6 GuitarPort a while back -


    For convenience of firing licks down to PC with minimum hassle it is excellent, and for all it cost it has been great value for money to me. It's possible to get pretty decent amped tones from it too, they probably wouldn't fool the experienced ear but for demoing stuff it's fine.
  4. avatar Tomsthumb

    Thats what I'm on about,
  5. avatar trepanner
    I actually got mine from Matchetts for a price very similar to the online prices, might be worth a look in.
  6. avatar Tomsthumb
    Well, on a second thought
    Guess I was really trying to kill two birds with one stone with this one.
    I think that a mixer maybe the more economic method.
    I’ve my first payment on getting a 1200WAT sound board anyway and buying guitarport as well would break the bank,
    I just have to wait it out until it’s fully paid.

    Would there be a way to cut the soundboards power so it maybe used in a house.

    I need it for gigs and recordings.

    But for the meantime That Djmixer is about the only thing I have for now.

    But your right,
    Guitarport is way handy.