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    [b:936702e33b]REVENGE THERAPY PRESENTS:[/b:936702e33b]

    [b:936702e33b]THE APERS[/b:936702e33b]
    [b:936702e33b]NUMSKULL - LAST SHOW![/b:936702e33b]
    [b:936702e33b]RUNNIN RIOT[/b:936702e33b]

    Pavillion Middle Bar
    Thurs 17th Apr

    [b:936702e33b]THE APERS[/b:936702e33b]


    A welcome return to Belfast from Rotterdam's finest (well maybe joint with Feverdream) slick and tight pop punk ala The Ramones, Undertones, Buddy Holly, Screeching Weasel , Teenage Bottletrocket etc...
    The Apers started back in 1996 as a three piece in the suburbs of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Kevin and Marien met in highschool, Ivo lived in a town nearby. They started gigging around the Netherlands. In 2000 Jerry Hormone joined the band on second guitar. But after 5 years, he decided to leave, so Kelvin Centerfold took over his place. Kelvin rules!

    The Apers have done more than 600 shows, rocking in countries like the Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, Slovakia and Norway.
    The Apers get free stuff from Converse. The Apers don’t really like dogs, except for Ivo. The Apers like to drink beer. They also like stronger alcohol, except for Kevin who is a lousy drinker, but he sure knows how to smoke up. If you pay them enough, The Apers will play your party.

    The punkrock don’t stop.



    Formed in April 2004, speed and fun are key for this four piece of pop punk idiocy, who will drag themselves into your town and rip it apart. It's the kind of band that'll make you want to party all night long, even if they have to come round to your house and force you to. They will rock your world, drink your alcohol, make you go home crying and love every second of it.
    If you like your pop-punk fast, hard and Irish.... then you'll love it.
    'Ripped' will be the followup release to their current CD simply called 'Numskull' which has been bleeding the ears of listeners around the UK and Europe.

    Numskull is the highspeed freight-train that just won't stop. Though this is their final show.


    [b:936702e33b]RUNNIN RIOT[/b:936702e33b]

    RUNNIN' RIOT got together in 1997. A year later they released their debut album "Reclaim The Streets", an album which has since become a modern classic Oi! / StreetPunk record. The band were very active during this period, playing a 6 week US tour together with the Dropkick Murphys as well as shows with the likes of UK Subs, The Business, Sham 69, Dropkick Murphys, Gundog, Knuckledust, Red Alert, Red London, Distortion, Warriors, Bombshell Rocks, Voice Of A Generation, US Bombs, Cockney Rejects etc. The band have always been recognised as having more to say than the run-of-the-mill Oi! bands, and on this album topics such as their home country, people, football, political and social issues are tackled. Punks and skins, rich and poor and the relation to the working class, and of course praise of their favourite poison the infamous "Buckfast Tonic Wine".



    A long time ago....

    It is a time of crisis. The city of Belfast is in the middle of a civil war, between the evil ELECTRO EMPIRE, and the heroic ROCK ALLIANCE.
    In the midst of this chaos, a pop-punk band is born. In the depths of a dilapidated house, two figures sit in the midst of ancient vinyl records and mountains of flyers, and begin to shape the music that will assist in the fight against evil.
    It is only when they meet the third, and final member of this trio, do they realise their true power, and bring the fight to the city bars and clubs.
    This band is known throughout the universe as Lando!, and they are struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy...


    Poster once again courtesy of the lovely Caitlin Lando!

  2. avatar exportsimsie
    Brilliant - this is gonna be great.
  3. avatar himynameissween
    agreed. bring the awesome!
  4. avatar Andrew
    [quote:746c2a7e08="Revenge Therapy"]Numskull is the highspeed freight-train that just won't stop. Though this is their final show.[/quote:746c2a7e08]
    Brilliant! Is that yours or Simsie's doing? Either way, full marks for drollness.

    I also like the way the Numskull pic is actually a five-year-old Dangerfields pic.
  5. avatar exportsimsie
    I like the way you can continue to suck my balls.
  6. avatar Andrew
    I like the way there's no date on the bloody poster!
  7. avatar exportsimsie
    I was wondering when you'd notice that. Jar pointed it out this monring. Caitlin has been asked to stick it on and i've got the date added to the ones i've shoved on Myspace and bebo.

    Numskull [i:2cf506063e]only[/i:2cf506063e] work with the best.
  8. avatar Andrew
    I think you should force Jamie and Mark to walk round town grabbing anyone who looks at the posters by the face and screaming "THURSDAY!" at them at Numskull CDR-point.
  9. avatar himynameissween

  10. avatar exportsimsie
    Tomorrow. Long practice last nite, but Numskull is ready to rip it!
  11. avatar leesub60
    By long you mean 30 seconds and by practice you mean wank.
  12. avatar Revenge Therapy
  13. avatar himynameissween
  14. avatar sazchops
    bit of a bump for this.

    can't make it myself though - sorry numskull and lando!! frank turner calls...

    i'll be at the show on saturday though - can't wait!

    good luck :)
  15. avatar Strong Reaction
    Good luck with this. I'll try and make it down. If not it'll be a hell-bus on Saturday!
  16. avatar Toy-Racer
    My first post!
    whoops - wrong login!
  17. avatar exportsimsie
    This gig was a lotta fun. Cheers to Phil for putting it on and for everyone for coming down. It was Numskull LAST ever Belfast gig before we start something new. The Apers were rocking and it was a great night. Thanks!
  18. avatar T Entertainment
    Is that the log-in you'll be using for your new band Toy-Racer, featuring Numskull's Simsie, Mark and Jamie?
  19. avatar Andrew
    I have my pet name for Toy-Racer already: Boy-Raper. Too easy, really.
  20. avatar danbastard
    Ivor Backbeat?

    Sorry I couldnt make it to this, I was too busy playing to a blind man and six retarded rats in Leuven.
  21. avatar Andrew
    I couldn't face a pop-oi fest at the Pavilion on a wet Thursday night, but the Apers were great in Limavady and Warrenpoint. Numskull were also great, but strangely different without John. Three words: the Rippped EP!

    In Warrenpoint, Kevin Aper got his revenge on the Dangerfields for playing too long at a Dundee show years ago (which left the Apers with ten minutes to play while we farged off to the ferry) by demanding that we headline the INF, going onstage at 12.40am. We got our counter-revenge by mocking pop-punk from the stage and branding him a rapist. Then some bloke broke both his legs dancing to Scream Queen.
  22. avatar The Ronster
    Look here!

    [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12MlIz2FW_g]It's the last ever song performed by Numskull![/url]
  23. avatar sazchops
    i ended up going to all three gigs - belfast was great although the waiting around after lando for 40minutes was ridiculous!! limavady was a great gig - numskull and the apers were both tight as fuk and the crowd were mad! pity the apers didn't get to play as long as they'd wanted, but they got the chance at warrenpoint where they were bloody brilliant! numskull were great - tight, energetic and fun fun fun! :) we left after the apers to get food and watch some local drunks. brilliant fun!