1. avatar remaderyan
    I'm looking for a string quartet for a wedding... can any of you musical types recommend any?

    It is in June, so i've probably left it a bit late, but i figured it'd be worth a try.

  2. avatar Estrella Ojos
    Yep, there's a great one I can recommend. They've done some recording with me. PM me your details & I'll pass them on.
  3. avatar domhnall
    Funny, I'm looking the same, preferably with a view to doing some covers. I've pmed you some contacts.
  4. avatar remaderyan
    Thanks for the infos guys.

    I'll look into it
  5. avatar Midhir Records
    Also get in touch with Liam from Nocturn, he's on here from time to time
  6. avatar thesacredhearts
    If they're doing covers demand they do Cypress Hill - Insane in the brain.