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    IBANEZ - RG550 (black) - £130 o.n.o.

    Due to the recent realisation that I don't need as many guitars as I actually have I've decided to sell one.

    This is the guitar I used on the first two Aftermath demos, you can hear it roar here -> [url]http://www.midhirrecords.com/Aftermath-Gates_of_Valhalla.mp3[/url]

    It's an IBANEZ - RG550 (I think) in black. It has served me well through the years; the pickups are great with a much fatter tone than modern RG models, the neck is fat and bolt-on. Floyd Rose trem unit, a little worn and I haven't used it in a while as I just used it for extra tuning stability but I'm sure it's grand. All electronics are working and the paint job is still intact.

    The locking nuts are a bit worn so I'm replacing those today, will also pick up a new tremolo arm. The tone and volume pots both need new washers and covers but those are easily replaced. Other than that the back plate is missing, which is again easily replaced, but I've always left it off since it makes access to the springs much easier.

    It's really a project guitar, but I honestly think the price is worth it just for the pickups. So you can restring it and play it or just use it for spare parts Smile

    email me -> info @ midhirrecords.com
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    will it turn me from my holy ways tho those of paganism and eating little communion crackers from album covers..? :wink: