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    Sat 26th April

    TRIDENT #3

    Room 1

    11pm THE BUNKER CLUB with Gregz McCann

    10pm - NI Soul Troop

    9pm - Duchampions

    8pm - DJ Monkphat

    Room 2

    10.30 THE AU ROOM with Jonny Tiernan

    Room 3

    10.30: BOP YESTRUM in the Attic

    There is quite simply no other club like TRIDENT for volume and variety of alternative music featured in one club night. All angles of the alternative are covered across its 3 rooms with forward thinking club nights combining with cutting edge live acts to present a formidable line up for music lovers in the 21st century.

    The Bunker Club see's Gregz McCann break out the bloc rockin party tunes. The worlds of Indie, Electro, Rock, Soul, Classic Hip Hop and Drum & Bass share the speakers to reveal to Belfast the true meaning of eclectic.

    With unrivalled access to the latest music The AU Room with Jonny Tiernan is the place to hear the freshest Indie and Electro. With a collection of limited editions, promos and unreleased tracks this selection of sounds is for those who want tomorrows music today.

    The underground and the obscure are covered by the face mask frenzy that is Bop Yestrum in the Attic room. Boldly playing what no other club has dared to play, acts as diverse as Can, ESG, Erase Errata, Motorhead, Os Mutantes, Devo, and Liquid Liquid all feature in the playlists of Djs General Knowledge, Buck Theory & Balsche Atrium.

    Doors 8pm

    Admission: £3 before 10.15, £5 after.

    Guest Live Acts:

    Sat 26th

    NI Soul Troop

    met studying music in college. Tom also rocks out on his cello in "Folk Noir" band The Winding Stair, Donal Scullion can be found singing and shouting in uncle-social, as well as doing a bit more singing and a bit less shouting with his solo, more acoustic material, Andrew Dougherty is the low down beat provider and all the way from Kentucky USofA Becca Hopkins provides her operatic lungs. The past few months the band has been growing and growing, causing stress, joy, frustration, band members joining, leaving, songs being learned, forgotten and relearned and finally relief after playing 2 fantastic shows in Belfast to great reception. Brass and woodwind players (Marc, David, Zoe and Brendan) and keys player (Conor) were recruited to expand the live sound. And with saxophone player Mary (who ya might recognise from The Winding Stair) blasting out a bit of saxy funk this is a big band sound of stomping soul and the finest funk.


    are Belfast's indie-rock art-school chess-clubkids - Ros Blair, Russell Matbouli, John Macormac and Ryan Harkness - established May '07. Duchampions' namesake, Marcel Duchamp, godfather of conceptual art, abandoned the term 'artist' in 1917, after creating his infamous urinal. He switched his interests to cross-dressing and playing chess. And why not? Being duchampian is about being polymorphous - imagine the voice of Diamanda Galas, the arch lyrical wit and high camp of Morrissey, the wardrobe of Siobhan Fahey and the shoes of D. Boon, all mixed up in a Gus Van Sant movie with Tom Verlaine's high treble guitar, Tadzio's lonely-hunted hairdo, Calvin Johnston's beat happening and a bit of 'jeez, I can't find my knees' international Bobby. Duchampions have just recorded their first e.p. 'Mash Notes to the End of The Twentieth Century', with producer Warren Bell (Embers, Alloy Mental).
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    I hope to be spotted fondling a crow at this.
  3. avatar gregz
    this saturday
  4. avatar people place
    This is going to be great! Looking forward to finally seeing the NI Soul Troop tear it up.
  5. avatar gregz
    loads of new tunes for this one