1. avatar dodima
    This is a lovely guitar, I simply cannot justify having it any longer when it rarely gets played.

    I had the pickup fitted at George's house, and it sounds incredible. As I would expect from the highest end Fishman pickup.

    I hope to get £1200 for this great guitar, which comes with a Hiscox LiteFlight case. Quite simply stunning.

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  2. avatar dodima
    open to reasonable offers.
  3. avatar thecunnyfunt
    a right arm? its a sturdy one, no tattoos!
  4. avatar The Fires of Hell
    What a beaut. Is it cedar top?
  5. avatar dodima
    I'm not too sure of the exact woods, but have sent an email to Lowden to get the exact woods, and date.

    Any interest? I'm not wanting to put this on ebay, but might have to.

    Edit: The date is July 1997, waiting on wood information.
  6. avatar dodima
    From what I can find online I think it is made up of the following:

    Mahogany back and sides, spruce top,ebony fingerboard, rosewood bridge and binding.

    However, I am still waiting on word back from Lowden to confirm this.

    Any offers?
  7. avatar dodima
    All Pm's replied to. Still available.
  8. avatar dodima
    bump, need to sell, offers welcome
  9. avatar dodima
    I would take offers in and around a grand. Really want to shift this ASAP.

    Does anyone know the fees for selling it through a shop?
  10. avatar Niall Harden
    think the guitar emporium take 10%.

    wish i could afford this - looks pretty special
  11. avatar jeffex
    My first post!
    I would be interested in this one but would really have to see it first. I'm willing to tyravel within reason - where are you based?
  12. avatar Tele
    [quote:6b2cc5253d="Niall Harden"]think the guitar emporium take 10%.

    wish i could afford this - looks pretty special[/quote:6b2cc5253d]

    As this guitar is pretty expensive to begin with, you could also try negotiating the percentage.

    I'm sure it'd get shifted quickly enough in there, though.
  13. avatar dodima
    Yeah, i guess putting it into a shop would be when I'm really stuck. I've heard reports of guitars getting damaged by potential buyers, just little nicks on the wood, but not what you want on your instrument. What shops other than the GE take instruments? It'd be my best bet?

    Jeff Ex, has been pm'd with contact details.

    Thanks for the advice regarding percentages.

    edit- JeffEx is actually based in London, and therefore guitar is still for sale.
  14. avatar dodima
  15. avatar dodima
    Need to shift this ASAP, I'd take £900 for it. Which as I'm sure you know, is a complete steal for an instrument with a RRP of £3000.
  16. avatar dodima
  17. avatar deckygall
    My first post!

    just found this guitar, id be very much interested, is it still available?
  18. avatar dodima
  19. avatar philteh
    My first post!
    I'm interested if thsi is still available. do PM me. thanks.
  20. avatar Durand
    My first post!
    I might be interested. I'm in Dublin. Where are you? You can email me at durandrobinson@gmail.com.
  21. avatar dgolfen
    My first post!
    Extremely unlikely, I know, but if this guitar is still available I'm very interested in buying it.