1. avatar cruz
    Did anyone catch them on Jools? Now that was one memorable performance. Finally managed to get a listen to their album which I bought last week, great stuff. I think the Kooks shat themselves when they saw what can be done with a few instruments and some imagination.
  2. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Funny, I was just saying I didn't rate that performance:


    You haven't missed them BTW - Speakeasy / 14th of May

    I do like the album but these guys are in Auntie Annie's the same night :?

  3. avatar Stuntman Steve
    yeah i thought they were amazin! pleasantly surprised, the kooks did seem a bit phased by them.
  4. avatar Davy Cho
    I thought they were great on Jools.

    More of them please.

  5. avatar Desus
    More of them on May 14th in Speakeasy!
  6. avatar cruz
    Do you need a ticket for this? Qub-ents site maybe?
  7. avatar Desus
    You can get them there, or else call into the union front desk.
  8. avatar cruz
    Sorted. :D