1. avatar Danny Lynch
    Fed up with non committal, lazy bands with no ambition. Want to join/ start a proper band with dedicated and ambitious musicians. Can bring a good bassist with me if needed.
    Gig experience, and experience of song writing with current band who are playing laverys in belfast on the19th April.

    Influences range from thin lizzy, acdc, and such older stuff, to more modern like chili peppers, ratm, kings of leon, arctic monkies, Open to ideas like, and also want to write original material.
  2. avatar DHunter
    alrite, Dale here, im a gtarist been jammin with drummer for 2 years , lookin to form a 4/5 piece original band, few q's abt u an the bassist, what age are you? what gear do u use? and where you from?(for transport reasons) cheers ttyl
  3. avatar Danny Lynch
    shoulda said above there, apologies, ill be 18 in june. ill pm the dude that wrote the message above there
  4. avatar super-fergus
    My first post!
    Great influences!

    Drummer here, Ards located.
    I'm up for anything.

    Contact me through super-fergus@hotmail.com

    Shoot me up!