1. avatar Amz
    Just seen this hidden gem in ATLs gig guide! brilliant.. thought they were only playing Dublin!

    Octopus Project, Duchess Says - May 14th - Aunt Annies

    One problem though! Same night as Hold Steady :( Another dilemma!

    And if it wasn't such a mad night for gigs, I'd prob head for Yeasayer - but its option 3 at this stage! testament to the night ahead.
  2. avatar distracted
    Fabulous, deffo gonna head to this, Octopus Project are ace.
  3. avatar goodonpaper
    The waiting for a bus analogy comes to mind.
  4. avatar tenrabbits
    Anyone know times for this.. I'm working late but may head down anyway if they're on late enough.. they sound brilliant on myspace and mates from London said they were also magic live!

    [url]http://www.myspace.com/theoctopusproject[/url] check em out folks..
  5. avatar ShowYourBones
    They are pretty class, Hello Avalanche is a treat. Great title for an album too.

    Just a shame I aint going, I just wish I had balls on me to go to a gig on my own. I'm a nervous creature.
  6. avatar jumpinjackgash
    Who was at this gig?

    Fantastic. Support from Duchess Says was great too.
  7. avatar Amz
    RAGIN i missed this. Was in working to 11:30 and presumed it would be far enough into the set by the time i got in...
  8. avatar jumpinjackgash
    It was really good. Both bands too. Best gig i've seen in Annies in a long time. I got me a CD too =0)
  9. avatar thesacredhearts
    I was there. Thought Octopus Project were fantastic, really interesting dynamics (although frighteningly loud). Wasn't to fussed on Duchess Says though tbh, very no-wave/too avant garde for my liking.

    I want a theremin.
  10. avatar tenrabbits
    I didn't get finished work til half 11 unfortunately.. that track Wet Gold on their myspace is fantastic too so I'll be buying as much of their stuff as possible I'd say!
  11. avatar kasey
    The Octopus Project were brilliant, loud and lovable. Yvonne's theremin technique is superb. The Duchess Says singer was captivating, thrilling, menacing, joyful and humorous in one ball of spellbinding energy. What a performance! Darren's sound was top notch. We were in the upper echelons of decibels and not once did the system feedback. Everything came through with such clarity, particularly the theremin and the shard that was the Duchess Says singers voice, which slayed my very soul.
  12. avatar sixtypeoplemark2
    Both bands were excellent and complemented one another very well - a treat for the ears indeed. Duchesss Says and The Octopus Project were just on the right side of Emperimental/Avant Garde and managed not to disappear up their own proverbials in the process. Duchees Says reminded me of 'Life Without Buildings' at times (are they still on the go, I wonder?...) and their lead vocalist delivered with style, energy and panache. The theramin playing in The Octopus Project's set was indeed awesome. A great night's entertainment all round! I want CD's

    (and a Theremin).
  13. avatar Amz
    This makes me sad :(
  14. avatar jumpinjackgash
    Sad you should be!

    I got me an Octopus CD too. It's good.