1. avatar wannabeflea
    Hi guys,

    I'm considering a Musicman Stingray at the minute so this'd have to go to make way for one.

    It's a Schecter Model-T in black (was originally designed as a Robert DeLeo signature model until the Stone Temple Pilots vanished from the planet), black pickguard, maple neck, rosewood f'board, 22 frets, Seymour Duncan Vintage PJ pickups (REAL Seymours, not the 'Duncan Design' stuff that seems to adorn everything nowadays!). A great precision style bass. Currently strung with Elites (.45-.105) but could put a set of flats on for the proper vintage P bass experience!

    Condition probably 8.5/10. No major dings or scratches.

    It's not getting used at the minute as it's a backup to my Lakland Jazz.


    Will put real pictures up if anyone's interested.

    £250 would seem to be the going rate, and it's a bargain (the pickups alone would cost you £100+).


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  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    I have too many basses already, but this looks like a good deal for somebody.
  3. avatar wannabeflea
  4. avatar wannabeflea
    Bump again.

    Great bass folks. Anyone serious about learning bass should give this one a chance. Much better than anything available new at the same price...
  5. avatar wannabeflea
    Up you go...
  6. avatar anty
    this still going?
  7. avatar wannabeflea
    Still here and available!
  8. avatar anty
    £250 all youd take or is there a lower price?
  9. avatar wannabeflea
    Current finances wouldn't allow me to go too much lower. PM me the amount you're thinking of...
  10. avatar wannabeflea
    I've received the replacement for this bass so it really is surplus to requirements now. Make me reasonable offers...

    Would consider trades for effects, etc. especially for a Bass Pod XT Live or pro (with cash your way for a Pro version)...
  11. avatar wannabeflea
    Also would consider a Boss Micro BR as a partial trade...