1. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Just a quick note about some NI Band shows we're running @ The Stiff Kitten.

    With some of the improvements which have been made to the venue to accommodate some of the live bookings coming up (New lighting rig, raised stage which has also increased in size) as well as the existing 48K Funktion One PA (one of the best PA's in a venue this size in the UK), this is an exciting new venue for local music.

    The confirmed bills, at the moment, include:

    Wednesday April 30: [b:d2bb71b9f1]SIXSTARHOTEL[/b:d2bb71b9f1], PANAMA KINGS & MOJO FURY

    Wednesday May 7:[b:d2bb71b9f1] AND SO I WATCH YOU FROM AFAR[/b:d2bb71b9f1], LAFARO & TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB

    Wednesday June 4: [b:d2bb71b9f1]KOWALSKI[/b:d2bb71b9f1], THE JANE BRADFORDS & A PLASTIC ROSE

    Wednesday July 16: [b:d2bb71b9f1]FIGHTING WITH WIRE[/b:d2bb71b9f1] + GENERAL FIASCO & SKRUFF

    We also have some exciting touring bands on the way, with [b:d2bb71b9f1]Two Gallants[/b:d2bb71b9f1], [b:d2bb71b9f1]Hadouken! [/b:d2bb71b9f1]& [b:d2bb71b9f1]Crystal Castles[/b:d2bb71b9f1] confirmed, along with alot more coming in the next few months.

    For any info on our live shows, email me - joed@shine.net, or check out www.thestiffkitten.com.

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  2. avatar all-is-vanity
    Good line-ups and nice mix of styles there.

    Do you ever find, as a promoter Joe, time of year can affect attendance at gigs?!

    I guess I'm asking cause I'm wondering whether attendances for these bands would be different if they were to play, say at the start of the new school year i.e. September to December?!

    Looking through all those bands, I don't see one that isn't a crowd puller, so I'm wondering if time year will have an affect not only on exposure of the bands, but attendances at the promoter's night.

    It'd be good to hear from other promoters too on this one.
  3. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Yes, definitely, i reckon.

    Any one of those lineups could fluctuate between (i'd guess) 150 and 400 people depending on time of year, what else is on that week / night, time of the month, as well (of course) on the level and quality of promotion by both the venue and the artists.

    The best weeks for a show (i think) are 3rd week of September, and 3rd week of December (just a few days before Xmas).
  4. avatar Iso9
    Death to The Stiff Kitten!
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  5. avatar confetti
    joe I noticed today that Crystal Castles was being sold on ticketmaser if you have posters or flyers for this or any of the other gigs send them up to me and i will put them up in the shop.
  6. avatar Iso9
    haha..me online pissed is funny. no offence meant to the bands listed. plenty of offence meant to the stiff kitten. kisses.
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  7. avatar rentaghost
    Decided this would be more on-topic in the other thread.
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  8. avatar denise
    I'm gonna try to get to as many of these gigs as I can. Really good lineups.
  9. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Thanks for that, will get posters to you! I have a few more shows up on TM also.

    Paul, probably best to email me about Stiff Kitten stuff.
  10. avatar Iso9
    cough..aye, i was steamin. sorry :lol: