1. avatar Desus
    [size=18:6907311b35]Radar Live presents[/size:6907311b35]
    [size=24:6907311b35]Frank Turner + Band

    A Plastic Rose

    The Prelude[/size:6907311b35]

    Thursday 17th April
    Speakeasy Bar
    Queens Students Union

    Adm: FREE
    Doors 9pm

    Pints Tennants £1.50

    Dancing 'til late

  2. avatar fopp
    What's the general verdict on Mr Turner since his Million Dead days? Like back in school, I haven't really paid attention, but I wouldn't mind a wee trip to see this.

    What about the rest of the Million Dead boys and girl, what are they up to?
  3. avatar goodonpaper
    Worth it for A Plastic Rose alone - curse being out of the country!
  4. avatar thecunnyfunt
    i've been completely hooked on mr. turners 'sleep is for the week' album for a couple of months now. he's vaguely like a modern day billy bragg
  5. avatar thesneakybandit
    the new album "love ire and song" is even better than "sleep is for the week".

    i'd definitely go to this if i wasn't away seeing duke special instead.

    in fact... what time is frank turner on stage at? maybe i could make it to both?
  6. avatar kagura
    been looking forward to this for months

    fantastic :D :D
  7. avatar goatboy
    Frank Turner was brilliant last week when I went to see him in Newcastle.

    The set was a nice mix of old and new.
  8. avatar anotheramnesiac
    [quote:2ed0465a4c="fopp"]What about the rest of the Million Dead boys and girl, what are they up to?[/quote:2ed0465a4c]

    Julia and Tom were in
    and are now in

    Ben is in

    Didn't really like Love, Ire and Song on first listen, but its definitely a grower. I love the Frank.
  9. avatar sazchops
    i've been looking forward to this for months! can't wait - frank turner is amazing!!
  10. avatar sazchops
    any idea of stage times for this??
  11. avatar thecunnyfunt
    not sure...

    save me desus!
  12. avatar Desus
    Prelude 10pm

    Plastic Rose 10.40

    Frank Turner 11.30
  13. avatar Rosshunter
    Looking forward to catching A Plastic Rose.
  14. avatar Desus