1. avatar CallMeKatya
    I know this is wildly early to be posting this, but I got the poster and just decided "There's no time like the present..."


    You know the drill by now folks. This is the third of our three fundraisers to raise money for our production of Reservoir Cats [see blog http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=198272770&blogID=350473068 ]. Profits from Reservoir Cats will be going to the Belfast Rape Crisis Centre so your attendance at all these events is greatly appreciated!

    More information on the night will be released closer to the time...
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    As it's for charidee, innit...?
  3. avatar Chi-Lite
    We played with a class band the other night called the Tarantinos, who played all the songs from the soundtracks, interspersed with wee bits of dialogue and theatre, and yer man getting the oul ear chopped.

    Shoulda got them'ns
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    We were going to but they're all in hospital with chopped ears
  5. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    DR LILT will also be at this, with a 20 minute aprox Lilt-esque take on Tarantino's soundtracks
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    Lovely links:




    And DJ action from

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    I hope everyone is working on their fancy dress costumes! Tarantino-stylee.
  8. avatar CallMeKatya
    Tomorrow night!
  9. avatar CallMeKatya
  10. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Go on Quentin, ya boy ye!
  11. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    (gig write-up)

    What can I say to this bar that it was a funktastical Knight of weird and wacky wonderment

    Not the busiest evening in the world, but that only served to allow the many dressed-up "characters" (in more ways than one) peppering the room to stand out all the more. The winners of the COSTUME PRIZE were the delightful Alan and Aiesha (spelling?!?) who strutted their stuff as yer man with the mask and yer Japanese-schoolgirl person from that whatchmacallit Tarantino movie. Congrats! They are now spending a sunny week-long vacation in Barbados.*

    Other contests of note included the EZEKIEL COMPETITION. The basic idea was to take the microphone in one hand, a word-littered sheet in the other, and recite from the sheet, into the mic and as dramatically as possible, the speech quoted by Samuel L Jackson's hitman character in Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction" right before he busts a few caps. One effort included a two-woman "feminist" take on the text where one girl changed the gender of Ezekiel's God to a "her" whilst another costumed woman performed the most bizare interpretive dance to the words recited by her colleague I can confidently say Auntie Annies has seen in some time. Several intriguing, animated contestants later, we had a winner; the drummer from "Uncle Social". He is now spending a sunny week-long vacation in Barbados.* Perhaps, it was speculated, a career as a religious preacher is in order in addition to the music one.

    A further competitor's delight was the DANCE CONTEST, a la the scene with John Travolta and Uma Thurman in "Pulp Fiction" where they enter a dance contest and groove to Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell". By handy co-incidence, the good people of JACKSON CAGE were nearby to provide the verysame song for the Annies participants. The competition was won by a pleasant, vigorous, old-skool type of dancer in a splendid red jumper who I believe was a member of BLACK EYE FRIDAY. He is now spending a sunny week-long vacation in Barbados.*

    The evening's two short films were right on the money, a particular highlight being VATICAN DOGS and featuring a Father Ted-esque clerical parody of the cafe scene in Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" where the your man doesn't want to tip the waitress.

    As to the music, UNCLE SOCIAL and BLACK EYE FRIDAY blazed away in their Tarantino regalia and kept the craic going mightily. The former band's interweaving of the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" theme tune was a particular delight.

    JACKSON CAGE stepped up for the last spot and the punters took the musical hint to fill out the dance floor for a good old Tarantino-style knees-up.

    DR LILT was also on hand to bust a few sounds and groves, splicing together a specifically Tarantino-based set from dialogue and music littered throughout his movies.

    Particular kudos to SEV of FINGLONGER for his startling oriental "Kill Bill" Tarantino costume, and DECLAN (Jackson Cage) and SUZY (his girlfriend) for their drug dealer and moll outfits that elevated them to the sharpest couple in the building (not to mention the least recognisable).

    Thanks very much to all the performers, helpers, and punters, who brought this together into a big fun evening. This was a Knights of the Round Table Arts Collective fundraiser to help towards the big ol' production costs for our "Reservoir Cats" stage show. All proceeds from the show go to the Rape Crisis Centre, so we're having to cover all the costs ourselves, including mega room hire charges. This event will go some way towards easing the financial pressure.

    Thomas Muinzer,
    Knights of the Round Table

    *though this is by co-incidence, given that their costume prize was a delicious bottle of wine