1. avatar George W Best
    It seems Mr Eavis has finally found a way to beat the touts, get a black guy to headline!
    It's no wonder that tickets aren't selling, anyone who saw Emily on Big Brother last year will know that 'Indie' kids are racist.
  2. avatar Deevolution
    does seem like a slight miscalculation, yeah they've had hip-hop on there before - but not as main stage headliners... having spent the last year surrounded by hip hop fans - they certainly don't strike me as the kinda people who are into the whole festival jive...


    oul noel hit it right on the head.
  3. avatar Zwaddap_deep_doo
    Quick ask Noel Gallagher what he thinks!

    "I'm not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It's wrong," he told reporters on Sunday.

    That passes for a feckin critique of the situation?
  4. avatar Zwaddap_deep_doo
    I'm for!
  5. avatar Zwaddap_deep_doo
    I'm against!
  6. avatar himynameissween
    well the last festival i was at was reading 2004, where they so cleverly put fiddy cent between placebo and green day. he lasted 45 minutes under constant hail of bottles.*

    hip hop + "rock festivals" dont mix!!

    [size=7:84829dcdc9]*and camping chairs. and everything else the crowd had at hand. he was gracious tho, he only threw the camping chair back at the first 3 rows.[/size:84829dcdc9]
  7. avatar George W Best
    I heard a rumour that Jay Z is planning on walking on stage with a massive boom-box. He will place said boom-box right at the front of the stage. He will then take out a CD of In Rainbows by Radiohead and put it in the boom-box and press play. He will exit the stage after asking the crowd
    "Happy now?"
    The crowd will then cheer, safe it the knowledge that they have been spared from any hippity hop music and that their precious, wonderful, influential Radiohead have saved the day again.

    On the BBC's coverage Jo Whiley will publically descibe these events as being 'bizzare'. She will then go on to say how much she likes Radiohead and inform the nation that Radiohead shocked the music industry by letting their fans decide how much they should pay for downloading their last album.

    Jay-Z shall leave, with his tail between his legs, to his hotel room where he will have nothing to console himself bar his wife Beyonce and a few tens of millions of dollars.

    Hurrah for real music! Made by whites for whites!

    All hail Radiohead - The Princess Diana of the music press!
  8. avatar rinky
    [quote:5380adc2c7]She cited previous performers De La Soul, Cypress Hill and The Roots and added that feedback from Glastonbury fans was "overwhelmingly positive".[/quote:5380adc2c7]

    Seems the problem here isn't with hip-hop in general, just that which isn't of the non-threatening/novelty variety.
    Jay-Z is one of the few decent headliners they've had in years, and he's friggin great live.
  9. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    There's a number of hip hop acts (including Jay Z) that I would rather see than boring old oasis at glasto!

    He's a credible, talented musician/performer from a genre which does admittedly have a lot of over-hyped, over-celebrated balls.
  10. avatar pauldoherty
    I remember watching Jurassic 5 at Glasto back in 1999,much fun!
  11. avatar rinky
    I hear Noel Gallagher is performing solo from a lorry outside Womad in retaliation.
  12. avatar 10rapid
    i think he's going to do some acoustic versions of slade tunes at the MOBOs.
  13. avatar ShowYourBones
    I think Jay-Z would be an interesting prospect at Glasto. Where is Noel G coming from, surely his right to comment on the Glastonbury headliners disappeared when they performed in 2004. I say performed.....
  14. avatar thewhitehendrix
    i think if you go to glastonbury for the headliners your missing the real point of the festival

    the john peel tent is way more exiting and entertaining in my opinion.

    its more a festival for everyone, if u dont like jay z, go see massive attack, biffy clro or css or even a bit of simian mobile disco.

    there are 16 other acts at the same time as jay z

    im sure ill find something when im there.....
  15. avatar supershedseven
    I love the way the media though have interview just about EVERYONE recently on this and the headlines

    BLA BLA BLA Bights back at Noel Gallagher
    BLA BLA BLA Backs Noel Gallagher

    2 things ...
    1. Is Noel Gallagher not entitled to an opinion anymore without someone taking offence to it ect? I mean if Ned's Atomic Dustbin said Jay Z shouldnt headline, no one would give a rats ass. Nobody said anything about what Weller said on the subject. Noel Gallagher gave his opinion on a subject he was asked about, he doesnt like Hip Hop. Should from now on he stop saying how he feels just cause someone might not like it? Piss Off !

    and 2. If Noel Gallagher can justify anyone paying £35 quid on the next Oasis tour to see his brother's decapadated vocal chords, straining tonlessley through 1 hour and 45 minutes of pure earache then he has a lot to answer too. Maybe he should give free tickets to Jay Z for anyone not happy and let them make up there own minds?