1. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Howdy partners.

    The Knights Nights at the Pavilion Bar continue THIS THURSDAY ( 10TH of APRIL 08 ). At this special gig we'll be inviting various Knights and general friends to perform and participate in an evening of fun and craic.

    As ever, there'll be poetry, art, and lots and lots of music.

    The evening begins with the PHATLIP OPEN MIC session from 8 - 9, open to all and any budding performance poets who'd care to come down and perform.

    Music will include an acoustic set from Ciara and Ronan of KITTY AND THE CAN OPENERS, ELVIS PRESELY, and much more besides.

    there will also be a special guest performance poet making his Pavilion debut in the headline slot. Not to be missed!

  2. avatar people place
    so Fiddler what's the final running order? More importantly, will you be wearing that fetching beanie and moustache combo?
  3. avatar russell
    Elvis!! Great! Duchampions will be there too, right? :)
  4. avatar CallMeKatya
    Apparently so...

  5. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Phat Bob did the write-up for this Knights gig too as my blissful write-up vacation continues. The only man who can rival me for positivity when it comes to writing these things...

    "Another packed fun-filled night.

    The crowds arrived early this week with most seats being taken by 8.30 which was great to see.
    Not many poets there for the Open mic though so Myself and Seamus saved the day and kicked things off before Tom introduced the bands.
    We had some more raucous poetry from mYself and Seamus peppered throughout the night before Raven out visiting poet from Dublin took the mic for the headline slot. I met him a few or three years ago at the Electric PicNic when I was on in the Leviathan tent and he was as much fun on Thursday as I remembered him being back then. A few Whiskies thebetter he delivered a captivating set which held everyone in turns of silence and applause for a good 15 minutes. A great set from a very good man. - On a side note we'll be at the EP again this year!! Performing Saturday and Sunday!! -
    Fantastic music line-up included Black eye Fridays, Duchampions, a sripped down acoustic Kitty and the Can openers with the musical finale being Adrian and friends doing an Elvis set which was both brilliantly sung and hilarious in equeal measure.

    Phat Bob"