1. avatar David_L
    Over the next few weeks I'll be sticking up stuff I'm clearing out while moving. At present:

    30GB Creative Zen Xtra MP3 player. £25 - you wouldn't get it cheaper on eBay
    Coffee table made from "wood" (plastic) and "metal" (plastic). Shall put dimensions up later, but it's going for £5
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  2. avatar BinaryOperator
    I'll take thon Zen. email contact details plse - polygon_window@hotmail.com
  3. avatar David_L
    07732089466 davidaREMOVElurie@hotmail.com

    someone also sent me a text about the Zen at which point my phone died and I lost ALL my texts, so whoever that was, please text again.
  4. avatar BinaryOperator
    lol, yeah was me txting [img:9928dc2421]http://fastfude.org/forums/images/smiles/001.gif[/img:9928dc2421]
  5. avatar David_L
    Packard Bell 2030 pocket pc PDA - £20


    Includes 256MB MMC
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  6. avatar David_L
    Sony P72 digital camera. Surprisingly good quality for low megapixel value (3.1MP) - did me for years before I switched to pro equipment

    Bit battered, works fine, comes with 2x 128MB memory stick cards and 2x 32MB. No cable (takes normal A to mini B camera USB)

    Oopsie I forgot the price. £35
  7. avatar David_L
    Zen now sold unless BinaryOperator pulls out on Wednesday.
  8. avatar David_L
    14" TV - £10
  9. avatar David_L