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    [b:d1dd80b7c7]Declan Doherty[/b:d1dd80b7c7]



    Better known as the frontman for up and coming local alt-country band Jackson Cage, Declan occasionally likes to do a solo gig for Common Grounds, and we are really pleased to be welcoming him back this Friday.

    Heavily influenced by Neil Young, Jackson Browne and Springsteen amongst others, Declan is one of the best acoustic acts in Belfast at the moment. The man plays a mean harmonica.

    [b:d1dd80b7c7]The Window Seats[/b:d1dd80b7c7]



    I love fresh faces, don't you? Formed in late 2007, The Window Seats list bands as diverse as R.E.M., Counting Crows, Radiohead, Minor Threat and Foo Fighters as influences and strive to convey raw emotion through their music. This will be a more low key gig than they are used to playing, being in an acoustic venue, but I am looking forward to hearing the tracks from their new promo single "Local Superhero" played live.

    Music starts at 8pm

    Donations will be going to the De Paul Trust who work with the homeless in Belfast and further afield.

    Be there::Buy Cake

    PS: The person who gives me the best advice about wifi gets a free Divine bar!!
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    [quote:0ebd738754]Declan is one of the best acoustic acts in Belfast at the moment. The man plays a mean harmonica.[/quote:0ebd738754]

    Thanks very much for the kind words Karen, you had to use the big ugly photo of my bake tho :D
    I'm looking forward to this...especially the grub, common grounds is great!
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    well get some better photos taken then!
    :-D see you later