1. avatar nonlogic liam
    Yes, everyones favourite ageing alternative supergroup REM have just released their 14th studio album. Hailed by Time magazine as a long-waited for "return to form". Anyone bought it yet?


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  2. avatar T Entertainment
    It's 'THEY'RE', you immigrant half-wit! Are you drunk on booze purchased with my taxes again?
  3. avatar nonlogic liam
    Happy now?

    [quote:9969c44d51]It's 'THEY'RE', you immigrant half-wit! Are you drunk on booze purchased with my taxes again?[/quote:9969c44d51]

    Taxes! Can I remind you, that next time you, and your festive overlord Nolan, are gorging yourself on the finest cuisine the BBC have to offer, I pay your wages.
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  4. avatar Warren Drugs
    It's still wrong.
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    Not until you are repatriated.
    There are surely few things more underwhelming than a new REM album. I'm sure it's...fine.

    But more importantly, how long have you been travelling under the nomme de sex Max Mosely?

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  6. avatar fastfude
    They're both they're, not their. Your second their should also be they're, like the first they're, formerly their.
  7. avatar silvercord
    calm yourselves down lol
  8. avatar Warren Drugs
    I think Liam needs more of ze punishment.
  9. avatar T Entertainment
    "Then the lashes rain down as Gory counts them out in German: "Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier! Fünf! Sechs!"

    With each blow, the girl yelps in pain as the grinning PHD student becomes clearly aroused. And after the beating, Gory makes her perform a sex act on him.

    Before hammering away at the girls he plays a cowering death camp inmate himself, having his GENITALS inspected and his hair searched for LICE—mocking the humiliating way Jews were treated by SS death camp guards in World War II.

    Then, head bowed and tied up in chains, Gory is interrogated by a dominatrix before being chained up and LASHED so hard over a TORTURE BENCH that he WHIMPERS for mercy and has to have a wound dressing put on his backside."
  10. avatar Warren Drugs
    Replace "a dominatrix" with "McColgan" and you've got it about right.
  11. avatar Andrew
    I thought this was going to be about Queen + Paul Rodgers.
  12. avatar all-is-vanity
    From what I've heard, the songs are better, but the production still doesn't work for me.

    To stay on topic of course.
  13. avatar feline1
    [quote:52ac980ec0="Andrew Griswold"]I thought this was going to be about Queen + Paul Rodgers.[/quote:52ac980ec0]

    No, but Michael Stipe is a gay, if that helps.

    But Queen without John Deacon??? It's ridiculous, they should call it "Quodgers" instead.
  14. avatar j0j0
    [quote:075a719e58="T Entertainment"]"Then the lashes rain down as Gory counts them out in German: "Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier! Fünf! Sechs!"...[/quote:075a719e58]

    Do you mean Gorry, perchance?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist...
  15. avatar nonlogic liam
    Funny that. Considering that the bespectacled one spent three posts slagging off a common misspelling whilst he himself is incapable of spelling my surname. J'accuse, Chris Lindsay.
  16. avatar T Entertainment
    All I can say in my defence is that I've always struggled with strange foreign names.
  17. avatar nonlogic liam
    State its origins, win a prize!
  18. avatar tinpot anto
  19. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Anyway, haven't bought it but ilike sent me some streaming do dah a while back.
    To be honest nothing really stood out for me.
    Then again, although I like some of their earlier stuff I'm not one of their biggest fans.
  20. avatar nonlogic liam
    I especially liked the REM era were they seemed to hang out with Tom Yorke daily. Oh hang on that's when they started to suck...
  21. avatar The Milky Bar Kid
    I've a had a good few listens now and I like it.. First three tracks are really good and its enjoyable right to the end.. I'm not sure its a classic or if it pushes bounderies but it is definately one to turn up loud and enjoy. I didn't really like the last album but I am a fan since New Adventures in Hi Fi (not that I don't like what they did before that just thats when I started paying attention to good music!) and I loved Up and Reveal. Opening song 'Living Well is The Best Revenge' reminds me of 'These Days' off their Album 'Lifes Rich Pagent'.. Both are great songs! I say well done REM!
  22. avatar thecunnyfunt
    rem are like a big boiled spud. you'll eat it, you know, you just won't write home about it.

    here's a funny spud to disprove my point

  23. avatar nonlogic liam
    Bought it yesterday (only £10 from HMV) I mUst say that it is quite good. It's no 'Lifes Rich Pagent' but luckily it sounds nothing like 'around the sun'. A great little album, all 35 minutes of it. FAST, BRIEF, MELODIC, GREAT!!!!
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  24. avatar Steven Dedalus
    The single is soooooo dull though.

    I'm not expecting great things from them, to be honest. I remember the days when an REM single or album was an event, but they've been on autopilot for so long that it's very hard to care.

    I was hoping they;d come back with a single that was really dark and enigmatic, but instead they've churned out the kind of single you'd expect to hear on Radio Stations in 1994. I don't think they have any idea what makes them special, and are trying to guess what people want.
  25. avatar Lloyd Dobler
    My first post!
    I think its a great album to be honest..think critics were a bit lazy comparing it to their own back catalogue..It actually sounds like a confident album by a band who started enjoying being in aband again...Around the Sun was pretty dire, but reveal is great, Up is a minor masterpiece in my opinion..Okay, not the most innovative release of 2008, but still a welcome one..speaking of welcome releases, I'm off to look at porn..
  26. avatar nonlogic liam
    What's porn?
  27. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Kissing in the moonlight by a doorway?
  28. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:33c598f269="nonlogic liam"]Tom Yorke[/quote:33c598f269]

    "Thom" surely? Ironic given the middle posts of this thread
  29. avatar livemusicpics.com
    It's a decent album - a few very strong tracks on it. Better than the last few, but a long way from a classic by their standards.
  30. avatar nonlogic liam
    [quote:71dbafae06="my-angel-rocks"][quote:71dbafae06="nonlogic liam"]Tom Yorke[/quote:71dbafae06]

    "Thom" surely? Ironic given the middle posts of this thread[/quote:71dbafae06]