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    Firstly a big thanks to myspace for giving me a great place to get kit, two regulars have come up with the goods in recent times, in particular the last purchase via this site of a Behringher composer.
    I had been having real diffs with my cheap as chips home recording set up getting drums that sounded anything like drums should.
    A bit of internet searching, good advice from Dave McCullough of Shabby road studios and others, and I finally got something approximating to an acceptable sound for my sons.

    They wanted a wee works in progress page while they saved the pennies for studio time proper in the summer.

    The results of their endeavours are here -


    Yep, its metal but for sensitive souls Silent sentinel is quieter, and even has a mandolin in it.
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    could a moderator delete one of these?

    My computer threw a wobbler
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    Why are sooo many of the recent threads coming up more than once, i thought maybe just FortuneCookie people were attempting to generate greater publicity for those gigs... ;-)