1. avatar ballina

    Will hopefully visit Belfast for the Cathedral 1/4 festival. Would be appreciative if ppl could recommend cheap own-room accomodation.

    Is accomodation available in Queens halls at this time of year?
  2. avatar j0j0
    Halls will still have students in them at that point, so I'd imagine not. B&B?
  3. avatar tinpot anto
    Belfast is terrible for this.

    It's hostels, which are decent enough, or hotels.

    There are B&B's but the chances of getting a room in any of the decent one's is non-existant.

    Try and look for discounted deals for Jury's and Holiday Inns
  4. avatar goodonpaper
    lastminute.com is good for this kinda thing some times - have a look!
  5. avatar xfirefishx
    Also laterooms.co.uk often has some good offers. :)