1. avatar Niall Harden
    it's free and it's fun!

    douglas adams' hints are a good laugh too:

    [i:258c181c5a]Is it important to stop my house from being destroyed?


    1. If you owned a house, even a little ugly one like Arthur's, wouldn't you want to keep it from getting destroyed?

    2. If you stay in the house until the bulldozer demolishes it, you die.

    3. If you are standing near the house when the bulldozer demolishes it, a brick hits you, and you die.

    4. If you try to leave the vicinity of the house, it gets demolished, a brick hits you, and you die.

    5. In other words, yes. [/i:258c181c5a]
  2. avatar thecomeons_2
    i had the walkthrough of this when i downloaded it for a spectrum emulator years ago. i managed to get onto the vogon ship without using it, but [i:0cad751ff5]had to[/i:0cad751ff5] when it came to getting the babel fish into the ear. there were so many things you had to do to get that done!