1. avatar Blind Friday Bassist
    The XTREME 10.1 Bass Amplifier Head by Warwick
    Bass head, 1.000W, 19"/2UH
    Voicing section with controls for Bottom, Contour, Growl and Attack
    Additional switchable 3-band EQ with parametric mids
    2-way Boost switch
    Adjustable Compressor
    Parallel FX loop
    DI out with Pre/Post and Groundlift switches, Tuner out, Line out.
    Footswitch connector for Boost and EQ.

    Comes with Warwick 4x10 cab, but 2 speakers need replaced
    GREAT set up for any size backline, sounds fantastic.
    When i bought it, the amp alone was £1000 in shops, but im selling it for £400 and throwing in the Warwick 4x10 cab for free

    Call or text Mark on 07895270563
    Good luck!


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  2. avatar clss_act_00
    this still available? sounds cheeky but £300?
  3. avatar BLANK!

    What an insane deal!

    If only I had of saw this in Janurary before I got my wee Warwick combo for pretty much the same price, but only 250 watts :(