1. avatar T Entertainment
    Looks interesting, part of an I-Player trail series:

  2. avatar thebatgranny
    April Fools should be renamed 'avoid messageboards day' because both the forums I visit around riddled with crap like this today :(

    It is a great video though.
  3. avatar T Entertainment
    Do you shout out the answers in pub quizzes too?
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  4. avatar rentaghost
    ffs its after 12 noon. april fools day is SO over.
  5. avatar thebatgranny
    [quote:16da5caeb1="T Entertainment"]Do you shout out the answers in pub quizzes too?[/quote:16da5caeb1]

    Flying penguins video on April Fools day? It's hardly rocket science like. Nevertheless sorry for busting open your hilarious prank, you must feel like you've been robbed. I have a video of some Italians growing spaghetti on trees you might be interested in for next year?
  6. avatar T Entertainment
  7. avatar JTM
    EDIT: :lol: