1. avatar jc111
    Guitarist wanted for Belfast based Indie band check out www.Myspace.com/thepaperaeroplanes01 if your interested send a PM


  2. avatar stevekee
    hey, i dunno if your still looking, but i'm a guitarist and i was listen to your stuff there and i really like it. if youre still in need of a guitarist give me a shout nd if not keep on rocking and hopefully i will come hear you's sometime soon
  3. avatar Me&MyGuitar
    just wanted to say that that song "you little beauty" is absolutely superb, not often you come across an excellent song on myspace and its rare I would compliment so much. Such a great voice also, that really could be a hit song. I'd buy it ...seriously, I really like that song.

    Why are you changing your guitarist? I think its a great guitar track. Just spot on for that song, supports the the vocalist very well.

    ps: when i listened the first time i thought the lyric was "you little cutie" and liked it as a hook lyric.

    nice one and good luck ...

    I'd give the job a try if you can put up with me only being available at weekends.