1. avatar Wasp Boy
    Sub60 - Joey Dunlop's favourite noise combo.

    Los Cabras - Crankin' up the Beef.

    Baron's Jar - Weaselesque Pop Punk Madness.

    SlowMatics (ex The Naut) - Two guitars, one drum, a lotta tuneage.

    Weds 26th Jan. The Front Page.£3.9pm.

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  2. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Dates fine Waspie...
    Shall I leave it in your capable wings?
  3. avatar Wasp Boy
    Cool. We'll get another 2 bands on the case then...
  4. avatar Wasp Boy
    Lineup locked and loaded.

    See you there. If not, f*ck yourselves.
  5. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    Cocked Locked and ready to Rock
  6. avatar Wasp Boy

    hee hee.
  7. avatar Andrew
    Baron's [i]"they cancel more gigs than they play"[/i] Jar, Los [i]"ex-Dangerfields"[/i] Cabras and sub [i]"comedy headliners"[/i] 60?

    I'm there.
  8. avatar basileh
    Is this Slo-Matics first gig?

    Looking forward to hearing them.
  9. avatar Wasp Boy



  10. avatar leesub60
    rockin'. Edited by: leesub60 at: 26/1/05 4:06 pm
  11. avatar Wasp Boy
    Poster campaign imminent. Watch the skies.
  12. avatar tenrabbits
    Just don't put Welsh Chris on the poster.. people will think it's some kind of hairy football starin at them and not wanna go..
  13. avatar Wasp Boy
    Chris Couzens shall be appearing as The Bearded Lady.

    £10 a go.
  14. avatar Andrew
    [quote]Sub60 - Joey Dunlop's favourite noise combo.[/quote]

    I find this reference offensive.
  15. avatar Norm Fireland
    What time will Baron's Jar be cancelling... sorry taking to the stage at?
  16. avatar ssmcmullan
    [quote]Weaselesque[/quote] I hear that Ben Weasel's cousin-in-law is really pissed off that you have used his name
    to advertise a product/gig.
  17. avatar Wasp Boy
    I know, I really am taking liberties.

    Gig times:

    DOORS 9.00
    SLOMATICS - 9.30
    BARONS JAR - 10.15
    LOS CABRAS - 11.00
    SUB60 - 11.45
    FINISH 12.30
  18. avatar Wasp Boy
    Mr. Bumpo.

    I might even buy sweets for the door.....

    Failing that, meths and crack cocaine should suffice.
  19. avatar Wasp Boy
    Apologies to the Dunlop estate.
  20. avatar upyerbum
    My first post!
  21. avatar Jim Mellow Dramatic
    I know people, this is not an IDOL threat.
  22. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    there were people taking photos last night if anyone knows who it was id like to get in contact with them.thanks
  23. avatar Wasp Boy
    I think it was the News of the World.
  24. avatar tenrabbits
    Bearded Lady Monthly..
  25. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Might have been those Fear No Beer people...
    "Vjhorne" may be who you're looking for...
    and I hear she lurks hereabouts.
    I'm probably wrong though...and too late.
  26. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    it was some chick with black hair and something tied around her neck...
  27. avatar Wasp Boy
    I think that was an albatross.

    I take offence at use of the word 'chick'. Stop objectifying women.
  28. avatar T Entertainment
    And chickens.


    [i]Chickens outline objections, yesterday[/i]
  29. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    cool thanks,oh and vjhorne when when when are you gonna update fear no beer??

    i take offence at the term albatross stop objectifying nature Edited by: hairsweatandtattoos at: 2/2/05 8:54 pm
  30. avatar vjhorne
    Nope wasn't me. Cant really remember this night very well but seem to recall seeing Joanna taking pics. umm..i think she's 'NIcorrespondant' on here.
  31. avatar vjhorne
    that's a good question....i *promise* to get those los cabras photos up (it was you asking for them wasn't it?!) & all the others over the weekend (..or maybe early next week :b
    ) sorry!!!!