1. avatar AndyHandle
    Whats auntie annies like? Were playin there after xmas, and we have no idea what it looks like. Anyone got any pics of the outside, the stage, the BAR!! etc?
  2. avatar ToiletStreet
    It's alright, tiny stage, sound can go either way on the night. (Y)

    Although we keepgoing back, so they're doin' soemthing right.
  3. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Auntie annies is a bit like being stuck in a cupboard with 3 fat girls bouncing up and down to the beat of your life suport machine.
  4. avatar Eamonn Evangelists

    Bicycle not incuded.
  5. avatar gary gates
    you're away with the fairys Eamonn
  6. avatar foamboy2
    Excellent homely wee venue. Played there many times, and never felt hard done by. There's even a backstage area to store your gear and chill out.
  7. avatar moorso
    I really enjoyed playing Auntie Annies - it's a nice venue to play. See pics


    You'll enjoy it!
  8. avatar AndyHandle
    Looks good lads. Thanks for the info. Do many people just randomly walk into auntie annies for gigs, or is it usually empty on a sunday night?
  9. avatar dodgi stereo
    Bar a couple of regular club nights it can move from bunged to empty...depends on if you've advertised, or if your band is well known/loved.

    When is your band set to play, and who will you be playing with, have you got flyers around town, and have you got it in the printed and radio listings for this city?
  10. avatar AndyHandle
    No promotion yet, but im gonna do a run of posters and some flyers for the gig. Not sure when im gonna be in the city though, maybe around beginning of January. I'm gonna send the lads from UNDERWEAR some jpg's of the posters so they can do a few up themselves. You got any names/contacts for local radio/newspapers etc?
  11. avatar Mikeymoko
    the sound is actually really good in there. We supported Halite in there on a Sunday night, and if it wasn't for 50 of our mates turning up to see us, they would've played to an almost empty house.
    So sundays are a bit hit and miss so it's an idea to get plenty of posters up around the local pubs (Annies/Katys/Laverys etc) and maybe lower the door price cos that'll entice the culshies away from sh1tholes like The Bot

  12. avatar AndyHandle
    We were only gonna charge £4.00 anyway...is that too much?
  13. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    Well, you can go and see Tracer AMC and Sixty Minute Silence in AA's on Sunday for 50p, I'm guessing they are only charging in order to pay the sound man (50p * 100 people = £50). At £4 less people will turn up, after paying your sound man, you'll be lucky to get £10 each member (your band and support). So just forget about the money and just try and cover your costs, charge under £2 I'd say.
  14. avatar AndyHandle
    Were not trying to make money. I just thought that £4.00 was the normal? Obviously not. Ok, But if we only charge 2 quid and @#%$ all people show up, then we @#%$, but if we charde 4 and the same amount show up, then we'd be ok... what? who said that?
    Its too early for all this..
  15. avatar cyclone 772
    i think the point is that the same number of people [i]won't[/i] turn up if u charge £4.
    and as far as people just walking in goes, i think that really only happens in the likes of the mandela (@ the underground night)when you can check out unknown bands for nowt - i may be wrong, but you'd be best to get it promoted properly.
  16. avatar AndyHandle
    got any suggestions?
    Were only used to dealing with Dublin. Not sure how it works up here
  17. avatar ToiletStreet
    Charge £3, that's the same price as a Frontpage night, and it's a much nicer bar...and better sound system.
    Not to say they use it as well as Iain uses what resources he has though.
  18. avatar daveitmascarastory
    When we played there with sixstarhotel a few months
    ago.. I was suprised by it to be honest.
    Id heard so much about it, and when we got there..
    ..to an empty bar..
    It didnt seem that appealing.
    However, when everything was setup and people began
    to roll in, it was such a cool place to be.

  19. avatar AndyHandle
    Ah well, guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
    Anyone gonna come see us? Were actually not that bad. Kinda sound like a cross between JJ72 and Weezer
  20. avatar xfirefishx
    Well after reading my way through this post, I'm going to come out of curiosity (!) plus (although I'm sure this will severely damage my credibility) I used to really like JJ72.
  21. avatar Iso9
    never liked the place.
  22. avatar p0b
    theres a small video of us playing in it at our website
    is in the music/video section at the bottom
  23. avatar feline1
    I always think the decor of Auntie Annies makes it look like Debenham's kitchen dept or sthg.
    Edited by: feline1 at: 23/12/04 12:27 pm
  24. avatar xfirefishx
    I always thought it was a bad shape for a venue. The stage is right beside the door to where the toilets are so bright light is always streaming in from the right hand side. Plus there is the bit where you come in which is always empty as there is one table there stuck in a random corner.

    If the venue is not full and people are just sitting around the edges, you have to walk right across the middle of the floor to go to the toilet or whatever. It might not [i]sound[/i] like a big deal but it's very offputting if you're shy :P
  25. avatar AndyHandle
    "Well after reading my way through this post, I'm going to come out of curiosity"

    I wish everyone was as curious as you!

    We aint shy, so we should be ok.
    cheers everyone
  26. avatar jenniemcc
    Yeh, ok I'm curious too. I think you'll enjoy AAs. It's a nice wee intimate pub.
    I've found bands from the South sometimes find the audiences in the North a little different, more 'intense'?? someone said, but good luck to ya!
    I reckon I'd come and check you guys out too. Also drag my flatmate who's obsessed Weezer. One of your influences?
  27. avatar Andrew
    OK layout, good atmos, crap sound.
  28. avatar AndyHandle
    Cheers Jennie.
    Yep, we are influenced by weezer, but we dont sound like them really. Similar vocals and melodies, but were different.. does that make sense?
    Might do "Only In Dreams" for the laugh, to keep ya'll interested!

    Anyone know any cheap BnB or Hostels near Auntie Annies?
  29. avatar AndyHandle
    another question...
    local press etc...any one know any of them who would actually come if they were invited?
  30. avatar turtlefish
    Sir Edwin McFee would probably do a review of ya's! Well that is a total presumption (right word?). He's the only one i know of who does good reviews.
  31. avatar battleofbelfast
    Auntie Annies for us is cursed. We always play bollx there. I have seen some cool gigs there though and its a nice intimate wee venue. The sound can be pretty good if you get the right sound guy but at times I'v been there and heard that mid rangey, scratchy, indistinct sound u get in small rooms. It should be a good night
    Just out of curiousity seeing u have more experience of dublin, do you have any contacts that we could use to get a gig anywhere down there? my email is mitch@egorock.com. gimme a shout if you can. cheers.
  32. avatar xfirefishx
    Actually, when is this much talked about gig?
  33. avatar mynameiskarenmquinn
    Aye i reckon McFee would deffo do a review of you lot. sure, he'd go the opening of an envelope the same fella!!! there's times I think he's attempting to become Ligger of the Year. A lofty title once bestowed on the mighty Jarvis Cocker!!!
  34. avatar bastard dan
    I think Auntie Annies is a great place, and I love going to gigs there. But I just realised that I've never enjoyed playing there.
  35. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I've always loved playing there. Best wee venue in Belfast personally.
  36. avatar AndyHandle
    Its on Sunday 30th of January.. with Underline and another band from Dublin called The Jones'

  37. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    is this perhaps the most clever gig plug ever?

    for shame moderators, for shame.

  38. avatar AndyHandle
    @#%$? are we not supposed to plug gigs here?

    (wow, im a genius)
  39. avatar edwin mcfee
    yep Karen's right-sometimes i'd even go to the opening of a crisp packet-then review it. my favourite review was for every self-respecting Goth's crisp of choice-Fright Bites.a right fella the same fella...

    as for the Handles-yep i'll definitely try to catch you as i like to see as many new bands as i can.
  40. avatar andyzsp
    edwin, did you do a review of that cd for me?
  41. avatar edwin mcfee
    um....yup. it'll see the light of day soon-ish but i can't say any more than that at the moment i'm afraid

    (if i was a Spiderman villian i'd be Mysterio-but he's dead these days- and if i was a wrestler i'd be Rey 'Rey' Mysterio Jnr. ).
  42. avatar Wasp Boy
    Good atmos, nice staff, bad layout, weird onstage sound, very hot lights (turn em 'off if u get a chance).
  43. avatar AndyHandle
    yes, we sweat alot!
  44. avatar cyclone 772
    the lights might be very hot, but they're not that bright. near impossible to get a good pic in that place without flash. probably so hot coz the ceiling is so low.
  45. avatar AndyHandle
    Jesus, this place is becomming more undesirable!
    What are the engineers like?
  46. avatar Markfromgiveway
    they have been fine when we played there, sound was a bit ropey in parts though.

    check your mail andy
  47. avatar AndyHandle
    will do... *potters off to check e-mail*
  48. avatar AndyHandle
    This gig is next sunday with Underline by the way. Im heading up tomorrow to put up some posters. Wheres the best place to put them?
  49. avatar craic addict
    [quote]and maybe lower the door price cos that'll entice the culchies away from sh1tholes like The Bot [/quote]

    surely you mean lower the IQ and the personal standards?

    Never mind about those f.uckwits you'll just end up needing more bouncers....and probably counselling as well!
  50. avatar AndyHandle
    Are we technically culchies when we go up here?
  51. avatar spirit of division
    do you:

    a) live on a farm?
    b) live with your cousins?
    c) have "realtions" with your cousins or other relatives?
    d) think being in Belfast is a bit "mad like".
    e) say "wile" a wile lot?
    f) always speak as if the other person is across a field - regardless if it is on your mobile phone?

    At least two of the above will make you a culthie.
  52. avatar AndyHandle
    I can safely say no all of the above..thank @#%$!
  53. avatar AndyHandle
    so...anyone comin?
  54. avatar jenniemcc
    sure, i'll be there!
  55. avatar Markfromgiveway
    me also!
  56. avatar Underline
    and me...
  57. avatar Javashrine
    And me.

    We have to get a wee craic about those gigs Andy, but be warned, I think I'll be on the beer all day on Sunday, so I might be a bit of a mess...
  58. avatar AndyHandle
    Messy beer people are always a must at our gigs!!!
  59. avatar AndyHandle
    speaking of beer...how much are pints in Auntie Annies?
  60. avatar glzebub
  61. avatar AndyHandle
    *looks around*

    A quid?


    ...wait a minute!!!
  62. avatar Underline
    Pints are around £2.20 to £2.40...
    Dunno about anything else.

    Andy, is it true that your amp is dead?
  63. avatar Markfromgiveway
    i shall be there with some of my wretched house mates.
  64. avatar Underline
    If Adi is comin' tonight tell him to bring a copy of their new demo...

  65. avatar Markfromgiveway
    its not released as of yet as far as i know,

    i got a special cd-r preview as he used my sexy zildjian k cymbal to record with!

    see you later on guv!
  66. avatar AndyHandle
    So did anyone come.
    Feedback people?
  67. avatar Markfromgiveway
    i was there, good wee gig, i liked the destruction scene


    only caught underline and you guys but enjoyed both sets.
  68. avatar AndyHandle
    The destruction? It didnt even break! @#%$ sake! And turns out that in the end it wasnt even the guitar!
  69. avatar ToiletStreet
    Paul O'Shaughnessy did the sound for us tonight, it was excellent. Its the first time that I could hear everything being played on stage. Quality
  70. avatar AndyHandle
    I liked the sound there. I was afraid it was gonna be @#%$, but it was better then most dublin venues