1. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    The kids are in for a doin'.

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  2. avatar T Entertainment
    Griswold and underage girls - what could *possibly* go wrong?
  3. avatar UrbanFoxxx
    Hmmmm, yes.
    This does appear to be just [i]asking[/i] for trouble.
  4. avatar Wasp Boy
    Any idea who else is playing?
  5. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    ronan says yakuza might be doing one of these gigs so hopefully its this one.

    seriously eamon man i love you for putting these gigs on.
  6. avatar Bloodbath Callaghan
    yeah Eamon's lovely. mmmmmmmmm
  7. avatar AndyHandle
    Whats fear no beer? I like beer. I dont usually fear it, execpt for that crap you get in Indian resturaunts..cobra beer i think its called.
  8. avatar whosbainejakey
    Racialist. Edited by: whosbainejakey  at: 20/12/04 1:59 pm
  9. avatar Wasp Boy
    Cobra Beer is brewed from snakes.
  10. avatar tinpot anto
    I fear all Belgian Beer.
  11. avatar Andrew
    Yes! Another chance to play repetitive noise, eat babies and bark at the moon! Thank-you Eamonn!
  12. avatar mcstick
    I think cobra is great. Its smoothness perfectly complements the spicy heat of the indian cuisine I like to eat.

    SO THERE!!!!!!
  13. avatar 10rapid
    it's the less gassy, more classy alternative.
  14. avatar Wasp Boy
    Watch this Space....
  15. avatar weapons training
    the [url="http://www.startups.co.uk/YTzl1HtoyivadQ.html"]cobra beer story[/url] is hardly a rags to riches one.
  16. avatar Wasp Boy
    Neither is the one about Snakebite.
  17. avatar Andrew
    Snakebite Love?
  18. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    anyone else confirmed for this?
  19. avatar andyzsp
    could we play eamonn? il give you back your guitar in return.
  20. avatar Jim Mellow Dramatic
    Could we play Eamonn, i'll suck your lanyard in retur, and nick your guitar back for you too!
  21. avatar caro1yn
    i have an exam in the snack bar until 4.30. should be down after. this will be my first fearnobeer due to my having to work every saturday, so i dont actually know what time these go on to.

  22. avatar battleofbelfast
    who organises these gigs? anyone got a contact number or email?
  23. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    Eammon Evangelist,Twele and Vjhorne I believe.
  24. avatar T Entertainment
    Try tweale@hotmail.com
  25. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
  26. avatar Wasp Boy
  27. avatar vjhorne
    [quote]anyone? [/quote]

    the gigs generally end at about 5.30...but it is not unusual to then find everyone heading round the corner to the empire

    email [b]info@fearnobeer.com[/b] if you wanna get in contact with any of us.
  28. avatar Andrew
    I believe the line-up is:

    + 1 more TBC

    A noisy afternoon awaits.
  29. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    have to say i am really looking forward to this one! shall be my first experience of the dangerfields as well. griswold you better not fail my expectations!!!!!

    eamon/vicky/tessa- would you mind if at the next fear no bear not the one on the 22nd but the one after if i was to try flog my zine there?
  30. avatar The Only Ronster
    Och bless him - flogging zines used to be the only good reason for going to gigs years ago...
  31. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Be there you fúcks!
  32. avatar vjhorne
    Using the same template for all our gigs now...we're not lazy at all! if your reading this tessa or eamonn check yahoo panarion account cos my comp wont let me onto it & reply to those ppl please??!?!?!
  33. avatar Andrew
    This gig shall rock. Bring me the head of Liam Gorry.
  34. avatar leesub60
    i'm really looking forward to this, it'll be the first time i'll have seen the DFs play in about a year and a half. Los Cabras are gonna kick scrote too.
  35. avatar nonlogic liam
    my mummy does'nt allow me out anymore, neither does my psychiatrist.
  36. avatar ConorKane
    I'm off work so i think I'm gonna pop down.
  37. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    will you have a badge that says conor kane on it? just so i can say hello
  38. avatar ConorKane
    Haha that would be a good idea. I have a fair idea what you look like anyway thanks to Clare Rudedoodle and her pictures. This gig is going to be great.
  39. avatar Eamonn Evangelists

    FearNoBeer Gig#3 is on [b]Saturday 22nd January[/b] in [b]the
    Menagerie[/b], University St. at[b] 2pm. £3 entry[/b]. It's an
    [b]all ages event[/b].

    The Lineup:

    [b]The Dangerfields
    Los Cabras

    [b]Fearnobeer.com[/b] began as a means to showcase photos
    taken of bands at local gigs. After realising the lack
    of all age gigs in Belfast, we put on a launch gig in
    the Menangerie in October 2004, which went very
    successfully, as did Gig #2 in December 04. It is run
    by Tessa Weale, Vicky Horne and Eamonn Evangelists.

    Band Biographies:

    [b]The Dangerfields' Biography[/b]
    We formed in Belfast in March 2000. We play
    rock'n'roll. AU called us "the punk offspring of
    Mötley Crüe and Nuclear Assault". We have played 500
    gigs and released four EPs. We sing about girls and
    horror movies. Bruce Dickinson loves us. Yeah.

    horror movies. Bruce Dickinson loves us. Yeah.

    [b]Los Cabras Biography[/b]
    Formed in the autumn of 2001. Lost some friends, and
    gained some more along the way. Initially broke up in
    the summer of 2003, it felt right to get together
    again with some fresh blood. The sleaze has never
    sounded better...
    Sub60 Biography[/b]
    sub60 have been working on their unique sound for 3
    years now, and with songs like Number and Fireman
    setting the pace it's easy to see where all the effort
    has gone. Frenzied guitar-lines, often skidding and
    crashing right off the main road of music as we know
    it, are pinned down by the tightest of rhythm

    The vocals veer unpredictably between soothing croons
    and unsettling barks.

    The result is a surprisingly listenable brand of noisy
    hardcore that makes you feel like taking a
    sledgehammer to the family car.

    [b]Noiseniks Biography[/b]
    Noiseniks are an experienced 4-piece grunge rock band,
    weirdly influenced by Muse and Radiohead. The band
    have had shitloads of gigs, having radio slots on ATL,
    publicity spots on Music Live and multiple BBC sets.

    Having recorded their second E.P. (the first being a
    distinct, unique acoustic session back in the days as
    a 5-piece @#%$-up) titled "Put Me Down" with 7
    originals due to be re-recorded and re-mastered to
    cater for 6 more originals, the band have began
    shooting video segments for their fist official
    release of their single "Sweet Smell of the

    The band have had numerous headlining slots in various
    parts of the city and have taken time off to enjoy the
    delights of life before flinging themselves once again
    into the torrent of hardcore Gigging that usually
    brings about short narcosic states with "the odd
    bruise, as it were..."

    Noiseniks have also finished negotiations with top
    Dublin-based bands for a Dublin-based tour in late
    June which shows the extent, reach and demand of the
    band and its ever-growing fanbase. With a
    third-album's worth of new original material
    showcasing the band's wares, 'Niks hope to take to the
    stage later in the year with more knockout gigs,
    packed-out venues, coned out fans, hysterical roadies
    and more fun than you can shake a shitty stick at.

    Lastly, but definately of no less importance, the band
    are the proud owners of the much-coveted Music and
    Arts Culture Award (Ireland) for their input and
    contribution as a band to the local and international
    music scene and also as a distinct and unique new
    sound unlike no other.

    "...To put it mildly, an invigorating yet vulgar
    display of guitar onslaught, bass thunder, drumming
    virtuosity and vocal heaven… There aint no band equal
    to ‘Niks..."

    Further info on Fear No Beer telephone: 07759964204
  40. avatar Wasp Boy

    Give me a shout about equipment you egg-chomping loon.
  41. avatar nonlogic liam
    this is a must see. Hav'nt seen sub 60 in years, like wise with lost cabbage.
  42. avatar Ciaran Mackle
  43. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    I've never read a serious issue of any grumble mag.
    They're usually filled with innuendo and funny pictures. Then eventually, man-glue. Edited by: Eamonn Evangelists at: 19/1/05 12:02 pm
  44. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    You planning on selling your grumble mag?
  45. avatar T Entertainment
    You ruining another thread with you c*ck-sucking, back-slapping Evangelists-'lead' nonsense, you cnut?

    Grumble mags are a serious issue. Address it.
  46. avatar Dux
    looking forward to checking this event out!
  47. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    nah its not ready yet

    can i do it at the next fear no bear?
  48. avatar Vigilante Events
    Yeah, it's on the Saturday 19th February.
    Bewarned though, the line-up we're planning is specifically aimed at the City-haller type.
  49. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    you got linkin park?

    nah seriously who is playing?
  50. avatar Vigilante Events
    Wait & see.
  51. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    you should get bands from dublin to play it. should make it a bit more interesting.

    seriously get up bands like easpa measa, kid blunt, puget sound, [r]evolution of a sun, betamax format etc to come up.

    i think after this one on saturday there wont be many good bands besides yakuza that havent played this yet.

    oh please get that band that played the first one. cant remember their name but they rocked!
  52. avatar ConorKane
    I think I can guess. See you on Saturday Ciaran?
  53. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    yeh i will defintley be there. come and say hello.

    who do you think these city hall type bands will be?
  54. avatar ConorKane
    I have a fair idea but I dont want to guess and ruin it.
  55. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    "[i]i think after this one on saturday there wont be many good bands besides yakuza that havent played this yet.[/i]"

    You are young, mackle. This is only the tip o'the ice-berg.
  56. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    spoil sport
  57. avatar vjhorne
    [quote]Bewarned though, the line-up we're planning is specifically aimed at the City-haller type. [/quote]

    first i heard of it...i thought we hit a low point with the evnagelists - i could be proved wrong.
  58. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    First Band on at 2.20pm. Over at about 5.30pm.

    [b]All-aboard!![/b] Edited by: Eamonn Evangelists at: 21/1/05 4:46 pm
  59. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    what times the first band on at?

    just so i can plan my train times carefully
  60. avatar ConorKane
    Will the bar be open?
  61. avatar Ciaran Mackle
  62. avatar Kev Bones
    i might go to this, will the bar be open for big boys and girls?

    i think HALF CUT shud play the next one, altho we dont fit in with the city hall types but they suck.
  63. avatar ConorKane
    yes the bar is open!
  64. avatar Kev Bones
    Kane nothing good has ever came out of anything that u said
  65. avatar ConorKane
    Bump, as Ciaran would say.
  66. avatar Kev Bones
    DIE, as i would say
  67. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    good aul day today was.

    thanks to everyone i talked to cause i was in a really bad mood and you all seemed to cheer me up!

    los cabras and the dangerfields were amazing. los cabras were a billion times better than i thought they would be. they totally oooooozed stage prescense
  68. avatar caro1yn
    youre taller than i imagined.
  69. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    were you the one who said to me "i love how you knew i was gonna say that before i even did" ???
  70. avatar caro1yn
    thats me
  71. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    thought so! just didnt catch your name
  72. avatar caro1yn
    im not sure i told you, i think i was giggling.

    but yes, nice to meet you. and i promise i dont molest young men.
  73. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    giggling at me? lol

    nice to meet you too! by saying that you dont molest young men are you implying about other members of fastfude?

    *rudedoodle* sorry claire! you can slap me next time you see me for that
  74. avatar xfirefishx
    I am very upset at not having had the opportunity to meet the infamous Mr Mackle but I'm afraid my bed was far too appealing until about 6pm. Next time! Next time!
  75. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    i dont sign autographs by the way!
  76. avatar um david
    Yes but, was she implying it or inferring? Et cetera.....

    Gutted I missed this gig, getting bizzy with the fizzy fo'schnizzy.
  77. avatar ConorKane
    Great gig, loved Sub 60 and Los Cabras who I had never seen before. Nice meeting you Ciaran, good luck with your Zine.
  78. avatar Dux
    aye nice to meet ya ciaran

    i enjoyed the event! makes a change, getting out on a saturday afternoon.

    well done everyone involved!
  79. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    nice to meet you as well conor and dux!
  80. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    somebody was taking pictures/taping on saturday if anyone knows who it was id be really interested in seeing them.
  81. avatar caro1yn
    i know paul branagh was videoing the df's. and vicky probably had her camera. i think i saw eamonn pissing about with it.
  82. avatar The Warzone Collective
    As far as 'taping' goes: the bands also got audio recordings on CD straight off the mxing desk.

    Standard disclaimer: despite the Warzone account I speak as mac, the individual, in this cpacity. Edited by: The Warzone Collective at: 24/1/05 3:13 am
  83. avatar tenrabbits
    Fastfude seems to be developing into the mackle datin agency judging by this thread.. nice work mr mackle.
  84. avatar Andrew
    Not a great gig for the ol' DF's (damn pesky daylight) but it was good to get out of the studio for a few hours and, of course, meet the legend Mackle. Rock on, Fear No Beer!
  85. avatar dave debonaire
    au-contrare andy, i thought yous were grrreat
    loved the wolfman one,
    liked the nicked metal militia riff too!

    keep it metal!
  86. avatar Andrew
    Shucks. Thanks, Monsieur Flumox!

    Kill 'Em All rules. Forever.
  87. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    griswold i was star struck meeting you!
  88. avatar leesub60
    Brown-star struck?
  89. avatar Ciaran Mackle
  90. avatar Wasp Boy
    Stone cold Steve Austin?

    Thanks to all who came, and thanks to Mac and the Fear No Beer posse. At least we weren't hanging around outside the menagerie waiting to get in, and looking like a bunch of desperate transients...

    Fun was had, despite rotating drumkit walkabouts and a tricky new song....

    See you all soon! :evil
  91. avatar Ciaran Mackle
    wasp boy los cabras rock!
  92. avatar Wasp Boy
    Thank you Sir. Will try and get another all-ages show soon, so you can dance and be merry. Good luck with yer zine printing!
  93. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Graham, there'll be pictures online in a day or so on fearnobeer.com